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Real Title: The White Rider wtfz Business...And Random Stuff...Fine, FC Too

FCs come at the end 'cause I hate love doing FC reviews. Best for last, right?

If the letter "s" is missing when you PM me, or in my latest post here (Aaro Note~ : the letter "s" will be in this post, because of magic), it is 'cause it is semi-broken. How a key can be semi-broken is beyond me. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

So, for those not informed, the White Rider was taken out of our FC this week (if you don't keep up with this stuff).

This can be double confirmed here, where you clearly see our same FC except without White Rider. Here is the aftermath of Royce posting White Rider. Notice that, for once, Xand ADMITS they PULLED it from the FC. So, OMIGAWRD dey HAZ CONTROLZ?!

Maybe my farfetched so-called "conspiracies" are not so far off the ball. *pulls papers to be admitted to the looney bin*

So, here is the version of how the conversations go between Aeria and Cave:
*ring ring*
Cave - Moshi-moshi?
Aeria - Hi, it is Aeria calling AGAIN. We are looking for some changes to the FC AGAIN.
C - *walks away to get their best English-speaking representitive*
Ha-lo A-ri-a. What do iz joo need?
A - In the upcoming FC we would like you to remove the White Rider from the FC.
C - Um... Yes?
A - *speaks slowly, pronouncing each word*
C - Yes, yes, White Rider...out...FC...desu ka?
A - Yes, thank you.
C - Sayonara.
A - Bai-bai.

The following week: White rider comes out in FC.

A - FML.

The events may be exaggerated within my mind, but something of this sort probably happened. Hence why after a poll where the Mini Sucubus Wings, which were never suppose to be in the FC, are randomly added in. (Unless someone can give me a better explanation; I'd love to hear it.)

So, lately, Cody has been all, "OMG, OMG, I'm playing this new game called DOTA. It is SUPER FUN, but I'm still new at this." So Rho and I, who have obviously played before, decide to go play a match with Cody. End match result: other 2 players on our team leave, QQing about how big a feed Cody is, and Rho and I are left to carry useless Cody to win the match.

Long story short: Cody, you fail at DOTA.

I want to bump up Rho's GM Dungeon Run suggestion thread. It was a good idea that's slowly dying. Check it out.

I said I would remind you guys about this, so here it is:

I would consider it mid-August at this point, so where are the demon requests?

If you want to learn about Alice-chan that Luna/Nephrae has...

My PVP event will be closed probably tonight. Rho and I talked about it, and it will be replaced by another event that I will be posting either later tonight or tomorrow.

So on a slightly bigger note before FC reviews, from Xand's comment here, I presume most of you are confused on the reason behind my posts. Rho brushed on it, but I will elaborate a bit. This blog began for the 200kAP Aeria blogging event that got swept under the big TOS rug where Aeria hides everything. I do not hate Aeria and Megaten, in general. If such were the case, I would not even be playing Megaten. I would just be one of those random SB spammers and forum flamers posting flame after flame, at every turn. Eventually, it just turned into what a real blog should be, with me blogging my thoughts on Megaten and Aeria.
As satirical/flaming as my posts may be, they are always at least semi-constructive. I look to inform the rest of the community of issues they may have overlooked. I hope the rest of the community will become more well-informed of the issues that may arise within Megaten, so the players may be more well-informed in their choices, be it build or financial (i.e. AP spending), of investments. I just have a different ideology on how to communicate my thoughts than what Aeria would prefer.

Without further ado, your crappy FC reviews (linking just_here's 'cause he started posting FCs first):

Xand Went 2 Koledge FC - 200AP
Simple: do you really want to risk getting a book on taunt for that small chance of a good book that might raise your expertise 20-30% of a rank (on higher classes) for 200AP? One Textbook really does not get you anywhere, but once you get one of the bad textbooks, they are NEVER going to sell. Sure, if you hit Top Prize, then you're fine - but isn't that true for nearly any FC? 3/10

Dantine's Fashion Fury FC - 600AP
So, this is really not a bad FC. The 600AP price tag is kind of high, but there's some decent rates on the vouchers. We finally have access to the red Spin/Melee Phoenix Set, though I prefer my black one better. XD Some old rares are back, and decent fillers - nothing spectacular. All in all, a decent FC with nothing much to say. 7/10

For my final fun note for you guys, to end my super long post: