In Dedication to Mahouto

This is a post dedicated purely to one player: Mahouto. Normally, I would ignore these people, but Pearz and Rho keep bringing his name up in guild chat and I just can't stand it anymore.

So, what's wrong with him? Well... He was told by GMJolt that he needs to do more community stuff if he wanted a chance at being a Game Sage.

This led to him putting together this horrendously-planned event that did nothing more than leech off my guildie's fame (along with other big-name players). It was a copy-and-taped (because it's too haphazardly stuck together for glue) variation of the GM Q&A event- even though he clearly wanted to stage this event simply so he could slap his name on it and then reap the fame by scoring points from other players. "Oh, he has ties with all the big names! He must be great!" If you're going to try BSing something, then at least spell the title right. >.>;

Shortly after, in another thread he had started here, he was discussing the game's economy. Because of that, I had to listen to Pearz bitch about how the thread was too retarded for her to post in, since Mahouto clearly displayed his inferiority in knowing the economy and analyzing it. From the looks of things, he only created this controversial issue to get hits on his name, so he could get it out there and get known (for his ability to be a nub). For goodness sake, he asked Pearz to post! If that's not aiming for quick fame, I don't know what is.

He also started another event prior to this. He wanted to start a player-held auction, which actually wasn't too bad of an idea...though, a Mahouto-run auction butchered the concept and crippled its potential. You let players pull their item after it's auctioned? Ridiculous. All you do is waste other players' time by letting them waste an hour bidding, only to have it get pulled by the owner. All this lets other players do is price-check items and abuse the 'auction rules'. As much slight potential as an auction even has, its purpose is ultimately defeated by the evermore popular trade list. Thankfully, it was changed and the auction's purpose was (somewhat) salvaged. The fact that Mahouto even considered this break in auction formality just displayed how little he knew about economics and the playerbase (and why he shouldn't have even attempted to make a thread about it in the first place).

Oh! One more thing!

Yesterday, Rho was telling me about how Mahouto invited Clinth and herself to a party. He basically asked, "What's the fastest way of being pro?" Honestly? Are you kidding? How could a player with no strive to hit 80+ think that they have the right to be ranked top tier?

Summary: Mahouto is an attention whore whose goal is to be a GS. His methods are cheap gimmicks that do nothing more than ride off the fame of real players. If you're going to pretend to care about the community beyond your own personal gain, then at least make an attempt to spend more time with your already half-assed ideas.


From Indi, the new (unknown but up and coming) sub of Rain.