Update whaaaaat?!

I'm fairly certain you were expecting some sort of official DEAD SITE IS DEAD post, but as it turns out I've finally decided to make a post explaining what my plans are for getting the site back up into a semi-working order. Although this site is very much still dead in a way, I plan on getting back into writing again, these may be reviews, might just be short episodic reactions, or maybe the odd AMV here and there and anything I really feel like writing about.

In all honesty this pic perfectly describes the current situation. I've been telling myself I was going to bring back the site, and then after looking at all the broken lines of code that I didn't even write myself, I grumbled and got distracted. After finding out nearly ALL the images were broken links from our main image hosting site of choice, I managed to get in contact with Pearz who thankfully had a raw backup of everything. Image restoration was the first order of business and everything is back. As you can tell, the above navigation links don't work at all, and it turns out the code we used is totally outdated and it needs a complete overhaul. Right now the plan is to finish up editing images and re-upload them to find a better fit. Once that's done I might be changing more small things like fonts, buttons, and getting some new banners up.

Overall don't expect a complete overhaul of the code but I am hoping to dabble in some aspects of it to at least let me get some general posting without any breaking points.

Shortly after my last post here back in July 2014, I went over to Goboiano as a writer, did a crap ton of writing articles for the start-up company and even managed to fly out to their Launch party in New York city. I wrote for them for about 6 months for free with promise of pay, but come the new year all the writers were dropped without much notice and some internal issues. From there I started writing up some AMV articles for Tokyo Otaku Mode, which was a lot of fun because I was actually compensated for my work, but after a little while it turns out they weren't allowed to have any more AMV articles, so I decided to take a break and now I've decided to get back into causal writing here.

So ya, that' about it. you might see some updates every now and then and maybe even some actual content.