Titanfall: The game will do everything for you and make you feel like you're pro

Titanfall has had some of the BIGGEST hype and excitement to grace the next gen phase of games, but unfortunately the boys from Infinity Ward's Call of Duty based games have decided to forego next gen innovation to the FPS genre.

Respawn entertainment has decided to make a dumbed down version call of duty that features a soldier drugged up on adrenaline with access to a retarded mid-sized robot so you can kill NPC's in online multiplayer.

The game is so easy that it will do most of the actions for you and pat you on the back telling you how awesome you are and that you will have infinite girlfriends/boyfriends because you are so good at Titanfall. I'm not kidding, you get a gun that will lock on to any person that is visible on screen and will auto-target all of their heads and once you pull the trigger once, the gun will shoot X amount of times where X is the amount of enemies on screen, so yes by doing nothing but pulling the trigger once will you instantly kill all enemies on screen. The second thing that Titanfall constantly does for you is make sure you are aware of all your HUD information. What is HUD information? HUD is your "heads up display" that often has numerical values that tells you your health, ammo, radar, etc. Titanfall will make sure to yell at you when an enemy looks at you, and will also make sure to blare in your ears that you are being shot at, even though how obvious it is to be shot at by an enemy or that you are taking damage for that matter.

Titanfall's awesomely cool new mechanics feature an adrenaline pumped parkour/free running way of moving about the terrain. It's a cool idea to add in intense running along walls or wall jumping to reach higher grounds, but it does not feel rewarding in any way, shape, or form. The free running/parkour system is so dumbed down that it feels like your just mashing the space bar to instantly have magnetic powers that let your run up anything.

The last and quite possibly the biggest problem are the robots themselves, I could probably give this game a passing letter grade based on the foot soldier gameplay, but as soon as you get your titan after 2 minutes of play you will never leave it again. The titan combat does not differ at all when it comes to looking around and shooting, but once you start moving it feels clunky in an unnatural way that betrays its aiming fluidity, making the robot controls quite contradicting. Also once your in a robot it becomes a mech battle, and every single mech/robot game before this is ten times better than fighting in a titan. Once your in a titan, killing enemy players who are not in a titan feels like you are swatting at flies, giving you no challenge whatsoever.

Another feature that will ensure you feel good about yourself is that online multiplayer isn't really online multiplayer at all, in fact you can quite easily kill more AI foot soldiers for more points than trying to kill someone in a titan.

Don't buy this game, the graphics are on the unimpressive side and the game is a big step backwards for the hardcore or even challenging FPS genre. While I hate doing pure biased reviews of games, this one is an exception that left me so unsatisfied I could not stop myself.