Gargantia 09 - The Repercussions of Genetic Engineering

So I usually don't just jump in and make a post for a show I haven't been doing weekly for, but this was a very special episode. I was a fool to believe Urobutcher would create a healing anime, I peacefully believed it would be a peaceful show to see the reintegration of a soldier into society; Oh how this had taken a much darker twist. I guess there is no fun allowed.

I guess I should start off by addressing the backstory. So ice age is now upon human civilization and 2 main branches of thought are used to solve this issue. First thing I would like to point out, with the massive amount of carbon dioxide we pour into the ozone, we are worried more about global warming more than another ice age. I am sure we can slow the ice age quite a bit with our rampant CO2 emissions. No ice age should be able to sneak up upon us unprepared. Back to the point, one side wants to start developing interstellar travel while the other side believed in evolving ourselves to survive in space. Btw, why evolve to survive in space when they could just evolve to survive on Earth's changed evironment, it seems much easier. Not to mention we could probably insulate better and change the building structures and survive too. You can also create many dome like ecosystems to survive.

So ignoring the weird ideologies of the Evolvers, (which is obviously flawed, I guess that is to be expected with an almost cult) it was quite rapid development of this research. For this 1 man to see the idea turn into the prototype of the biologic engineering process is quite fast. It started off as a good idea, another set of "skin" for people to wear to survive in space. It is quite the evolution for humans to be able to self sustain as well as survive in a vacuum like space. Though in the past few centuries of recorded history, we changed the world for our needs, why do we need to change our body to survive? This is not the "human" way. (Read: Virus as Smmth says in the Matrix) So why was evolution ever considered?

It also brings up one of my favourite conundrums, Ship of Theseus. Basically it you were to fix up a boat, it would still consider the same boat. What if every single piece of the ship has been replaced? No longer is a single piece of wood from the original ship, is it still the same ship? Though this answer would depend from situation to situation, I believe the Evolvers do fall in the same idea. You can see the humanoid shape change more and more to a point where, genetic makeup, breeding, linguistics and even social structure has dramatically changed. There is nothing recognizable as human anymore, can you even consider it human anymore?

I do not believe they can even be considered human at this point. The point when they lost their ability to even communicate with the "regular" humans was the moment they lost everything. They were just genetic mutations and a different subspecies of humans at the beginning. I mean you wouldn't call the kid that was born with no arms legs not human? This is just a different version of that. Without communication and social structure, nothing holds us together. When that segregation exists and we are forced to radically treat and act different with them, how that no different than our association with dolphins or lions?

Going back to the wormhole, I fully agree with the Union's decision to not let the Evolvers use it. They were no longer even the same species. Though this episode was used to show the darker side of the war (complete with killing babies), but is this no different from any other war? What do you think was happening when the Germany waged war on the world? Those soldiers dying on the other side are much more human than the Hideauze yet they were slaughtered like they were a plague; I see full justification for what Ledo is doing. If he chooses to continue his personal war against the Hideauze due to his lust for war, that is his choice. War has always been about mindless slaughter and nothing else. The good and evil is just the political agendas to build motivation, but it just boils down to genocide in the end. When the evolvers chose their path and both sides waged war, this was the eventual fate and morality should not be an excuse. Down with the Hideauze, slaughter them all for us Ledo!