Shingeki no Kyojin: First Impression - The Depths of Fear and Hate

Also known as "Attack on Titan", Shingeki is a powerful display of human emotion with a very unique art style that does well to portray the gritty and harshness of the show's events.

Humans have retreated behind giant walls that span 50 meters at its lowest point in order to keep out man-eating titans. The show excellently covers a false sense of peace where the inhabitants of the walled city lie to themselves about their safety from the titans. The leading theme is this false sense of security, as humans have built these walls to keep themselves safe from the outside world, however our protagonist Eren points out how they are simply living their lives as livestock, waiting for the titans to come and eat them.

Powerful emotions throughout the show.
The entire intro shows us how true these words are. Most of the citizens live casually, ignorant to the lingering titans outside the wall, trying to get in and consume everyone. If a titan were to enter, what would the humans do? Probably nothing, as there really is nothing they can do, the guards even explain how they act lazy. The guards have lived their lives in peace as no titan has entered in over 100 years, and Eren's disgust at the guard's lack of passion to defend the people from titans helps to drive home how stranded and helpless the human race has become. 

Another heavy theme is hatred. The sheer amount of hatred Eren has for humanity's current state pushes the limits of his control over his own emotions. The events that take place in the first two episode slowly show how his hate transfers from hating mankind's situation, to hating the titans themselves with determination to wipe them off the face of the Earth.

Combat visual's remind me of Sword Art Online.
I really love how serious and dramatic the show is, and this reminds me of the epicness of Shinsekai Yori. As for the titans themselves, a few of them look like nightmarish giants, while others simply look too casual or normal to be considered a man-eating giant. The first two episodes cover the childhood days of Eren and his friends, while it appears we come to a more mature Eren who is hellbent on killing titans. 

Aside from Eren, Mikasa is another amazing character. She is shrouded in mystery, and during the events of the first episode I believe she lost her parents to titans at a young age which has scarred her emotionally, but still she hides her expressions and is pretty badass, making her a rather intriguing character. 

The first two episodes were amazing, I wouldn't change a thing, but I heard that the show does get "Weird" from a friend of mine who read the manga, and I really hope the show doesn't dive into some sort of titan killing action thing. The intro sequence as well as the first scene of episode one show the stunning action scene quality and is most likely a hint as to what we will see later on.