Zetsuen no Tempest ep 22

Zetsuen no Tempest is probably my favorite show continuing from the Fall 2012 season. BONES has done a wonderful job creating a mysterious relationship between its characters and a world in which they are immersed within. I have always enjoyed the works of BONES, and Zetsuen no Tempest has done a remarkable job of creating unique characters intertwined with each other and how their world evolves around them. Zetsuen no Tempest has developed a surprising turn of events and is nearing its end point, at least I think it is. At episode 11 I was sure the show was about to wrap up the battle of the Tree of Genesis and find the murderer of Aika, but the complete turn around of the show threw all of my disappointed ending ideas out the window and shocked me with its new focus.

With the truth of Aika's death finally being revealed, I can say I didn't actually see this coming, one fact that I really like about the show is how nearly every decision and event before episode 12 is the result of some logical happening. Ever since the mid point of the series, logic has been thrown into disarray and everything seems to follow an unrealistic tragedy. The show makes several references to Shakespeare's "The Tempest" by comparing Aika's prophecy that a happy, meaningful ending is buried within the tragedies that come from the events that unfold throughout the show.

With the world beginning to protect the Tree of Genesis, Mahiro and Yoshino will undoubtedly take up some action since the show has taken a change of pace to theoretical revealments of truth and inner conflict since episode 12's turn around. Concerning Aika, despite being dead she has had a huge impact on the show and I really can't think of any other show where a dead person has so much character and fits in perfectly as a driving point for Yoshino and Mahiro as well as being the source of nearly all of the events that take place.

Megumu's character is something that contrasts just about everyone else, I consider him to be the most down to earth and normal guy here, since he seems to be the only one capable of expressing his emotions with ease, although he is quite the scared individual afraid to make tough decisions.

Overall I am quite happy with how the show has turned out, although I can say I find it rather difficult following all the terminology between the two trees and what exactly is happening, I am more inclined to how amazing the characters have been developed and how they interact with each other that keeps things interesting for myself.

I'm pretty disappointed in myself for not continuing to cover this show through each week, but perhaps I shall learn and try and take next season a little more seriously by staying on top of things.