WiiU Upcoming Games

Xenoblade Chronicles Sequel?
Nintendo's latest announcement comes as a full package of news regarding the WiiU.

Platinum Games has been very busy getting a lot of games out of it's production line, and is almost integrated with Nintendo with the amount of work they are doing with Bayonetta, Wonderful 101, and other games on Nintendo. New highlights and video footage showed The Wonderful 101 and it's crazy action heavy experience; I hope it delivers to a higher level that shows Nintendo can get better IP's out on the big screen.

Wonderful 101
The biggest gaming news from Nintendo's Iwata is the announcement of some brand new exclusive games coming to Nintendo. Shin Megami Tensai X Fire Emblem mash-up, who knows what this will be as most mash-up games are usually those of the fighting style but I see this sticking to the JRPG atmosphere and it will be very interesting to see where this leads. I love the Fire Emblem series a lot and I am very excited to see some info about this hopefully at E3.

A Xenoblade Sequel looks to be in the mix as the trailer for this new Xeno game ends with what looks like the main character from Xeno-Chronicles. The game looks to incorporate large monsters in a higher action based game similar to Monster Hunter, but the game mixes swords with guns and even Mecha's.

An HD remake of Zelda Windwaker seems to be their test on HD with games. The graphics are much more high def and still feel wonderfully cartoony. Windwaker will be released in Fall and will keep us busy as we impatiently wait for the Zelda WiiU.

Iwata announced that a playable form of the next Mario WiiU as well as the next Mario Cart at E3, apparently they have evolved but does that mean they will be better? Kirby's Epic Yarn is making a new game with Yoshi as its main character. Yoshi's Island and Yoshi's story creator is supervising the development.

Quite possibly the most important information that I took from the announcement was how Nintendo is moving forward as a company focused on bringing higher quality games at the expense of time. More time is being added to their titles and this will hopefully see Nintendo shine the way they did in the N64 days. Iwata explained that the new Zelda game and Smash Bros. game are taking their time to make sure they create some of the best games Nintendo has ever produced.

I'm really looking forward to what Nintendo will be bringing us, and how happy I am that they realized the lack of games upon the WiiU's release.