Psycho Pass 09 - Another Dull Moment

Been a few weeks since I last posted but I just been quite busy and I feel like things are still moving quite slow in this show. They seem to have finally shifted their focus on 1 central story, to bad the story seems to be branching off in too many things to look like it will do well. This show went from extremely hopeful, to pretty low on this season. Almost everything else I follow this season is better...

At first, I thought they were only tackling the question of the Sybil system in general, but now they look like they are expanding further. I think the current arc in Bakuman with Nanamine explains the issue perfectly; How ironic they were to run at the same time. When you just ram everything together, you lose the major direction. I can't see how they can possible get past all these problems to bring about a resolution. It is like they are tossing as many different ideas in to be edgy.

I guess he will be the persistent "bad guy" for the rest of the season. More likely then him being the sub-boss as they seem to like to drag everything out in this show. So far, all they do is spend time explaining a new moral question every episode with no real "resolution". I strongly doubt they will ever come back to revisit any of these either. This is just very disappointing as it could have been quite good to show that clash of opinions.

At least we got to see this week that Akane isn't totally incompetent. She was absolutely correct about this, you just don't talk about a co-worker's incompetence in front of everyone else; Very unprofessional. Aside from that, she is still a rookie and making rookie mistakes left and right. In the end, I am still quite disappointed with this. I most likely won't drop it, but I will just be very angry as I watch.