[K] 2 - This Show is Awesome

I could barely contain my laughter as a this show has quickly turned into my fovourite thus far.
After last week' introduction of the main characters and current faction disputes, episode 2 showed how hilarious [K] can be.

Shiro's magnificent act to escape from the Black Dog was a clever way to show insight behind the Black Dog's honourable and classy personality. I was very pleased with how Shiro has really taken a step towards the clownish happy-go-lucky behaviour, while remaining mysterious as his true identity may differ. We still don't know this serious issue as to whether or not he is the wanted killer, despite looking exactly like him and that Shiro himself isn't completely sure. The Black Dog on the other hand will probably end up working alongside Shiro with the way things are headed, just because these three characters make quite the humorous bunch.

As I stated last week I knew the cat was the naked pale chick, but then again it was well hinted, plus the fact that she remains invisible to normal people will hopefully be explained in the next episode, and why both Shiro and the Black Dog can see her. The show is moving at a nice pace, offering great insight into the three characters this week all while showing the huge hunt for Shiro as being a serious whopping 10 million yen bounty.

Who the hell carry's around a briefcase of cooking utensils? The whole episode starts off with the Black Dog trying to kill Shiro yet the ending was just too much for me to handle. I can't wait for the next episode to see where this show goes. I really love Shiro as a character, he is thrown into some messed up events but we still don't know how innocent he is with the possible connection of the murder of the previous king. I'm reminded of Guilty Crown's plot, but instead of taking a normal student and turning his world upsidown, Shiro himself is still a mystery with little known background about him and whether or not he truly has connections to these turn of events.