Anime Revolution Vancouver 2012 Day 1 (partial)

This weekend is the start of the first Anime Revolution here in Vancouver B.C as it marks my first ever anime con. Here is a brief re-cap of today's events, but there was so much to write about that I don't have time at the moment.

There was a ton of awesome stuff on day 1, first off it took about an hour and a half to get into the damn convention center, which was equal for both pre-registered people and people just registering, which kinda ruined the whole pre-register option.

While standing in a long line-up there were some awesome cosplayers which grabbed the attention of some people from Japan wanting pics with everyone, except for me. I dressed as Shizuo Heiwajima, and I must say it was pretty legit.

Surprisingly there was a ratio of 50-50 for cosplays and regular street clothes, but there was definitely a lot of people attending. The most common cosplay theme was Zelda, with about 10 or so Link's sporting various colours and costume quality. There was also an abundance of Vocaloid, Madoca Magica, Final Fantasy, and FMA. There were a ton of unique costumes including a SIMS guy, Lolipop Chainsaw, Super Meat Boy, Pedo Bear, and fully suited Alphonse Elric. Some of the most High quality costumes were a full Master Chief outfit with fans inside his helmet, cellphone attached to his arm, glowing lights, shotgunn, and speaker system, which took him about 1000 hours to make.

For the events I watched the Anime Walk Off, where two dressed cosplay competitors battle it out on stage with dance moves, and zoolander actions to move on to the next round. This event was pretty hilarious as Loki and Lelouche battled it out with steeds including a My Little Pony cosplayer.

The biggest thing was the large vendor area where you could buy an assortment of posters, plush dolls, weapons, Gundams, manga, movies, and all your anime merchandise. I ended up spending $100 on a Shining hearts Figure, World Ends With You badge, three posters featuring Lightning, Black Rock Shooter, and Midna on wolf Link, as well as a mini Cyndaquill handmade wool doll.

I need some sleep as the con starts at 9am tomorrow so I will try and get day 1 and 2 up when I get home tomorrow night, unless I stay there till 1am that is haha.