Haiyore Nyarlko In Review N/A

At first I felt this show was a tad boring and thought I might be spinning down some crazy alien/ high school/ romance series. It took a few episodes to finally understand the quirks of Haiyore Nyarlko, which turns out to be quite entertaining for a show to pass time with. The show focuses on making fun of every high school/comedy/romance genre with a crazy love square between four characters as they vanquish evil aliens who want earth's video games.

There really is no plot to the show, our main heroin Nyarlko (or Nyaruko) is an alien who is assigned to protect a boy (Mahiro) from evil aliens, she is madly in love with him but unfortunate for her, Mahiro wants nothing to do with her. As the two fight off video game hungry aliens we get two more additions to the main cast. Cthuko, a fiery girl is in love with Nyarlko, while Hasta, is a younger boy who is in love with Mahiro, both characters are aliens of course. This messed up love square makes for some outrageous humor, including some very suggestive language that contains plenty of sexual innuendo.

Overall Haiyore is entertaining if you want to make fun of the whole high school/ alien/ romance genre. There is no real plot to this, well OK there is some sort of evil plot but the show ignores it completely, focusing only on the crazy relations between the four main characters.

I don't think this show deserves, or can even consider being rated, it's a fun experience and I recommend watching it for some ridiculous humor. This show is similar to Seitokai Yakuindomo except with more alien themes instead of high school.