Hyouka 09: Instead of 3 suspects, 3 theories

From the last episode, we were introduced to three new characters and given the situation and the feel that they gave; I was expecting some sort of debate and rivalry. I thought it’d be interesting to see how a verbal fight is handled by the producers of Hyouka. But then again, I forgot how Hyouka is known to take generic tropes and twist them into something unique.

So besides an all-out fight between the three and Oreki, we have them giving out their own theories on the mystery whilst Oreki’s team decide to go with it or not. Along the way we see Haba Tomohiro (the glasses guy) obviously trying to pick on Oreki to be the better guy, the same can be said about Nakajou Junya (the other, bigger guy) but I feel he is more into his whole “Capture the viewer” thing. Never the less the producers still manage to throw in a nice amount or rivalry into the episode. Now I’d love to see their faces as Oreki blows them out with his conclusion.

This episode has become quite elaborate as multiple theories, clues and evidences are being thrown here and there. I’m guessing the producers what us to come up with our own theories on the matter and have those theories changed as the evidences are given. I on the other hand wasn’t able to come up with one simply because the pacing of the explanations was just too much for my head to process fast enough. Though I did understand it in general, I had to watch it again to soak in all the info. But that’s just me. I found it surprising that they didn’t provided adequate visual explanations to Haba Tomohiros theory. His was the most confusing as words were just flying everywhere. I guess that’s a small one where they failed at, meh~

On the other hand, we see Chitanda getting drunk over whisky chocolates. Whisky Chocos… how’d she manage to get them? Aren’t they under aged? Whatev’s, if you guys know the answer to why then post it below. Anyway, seeing her getting drunk was a very nice addition to the scenes as it added a different feel as the main plot passed by. Not to mention she was extremely adorable.

Try to pay attention to the scene composition; you will notice that they do well to try to tell the viewers that something is up with those short half blurred shots. They signify either a foreshadowing or the character in that shot found out something. I noticed that the producers put quite a lot of those throughout the series.

Other than that we have the ending scene of Oreki meeting Irisu. All I can come up with is that she will provide new and compelling evidence or some sort of surprise that Oreki will somehow uses to solve the mystery.

Oh~ on a side note, it’s funny that as most murder mystery series go with three suspects, Hyouka opts for theories by three different people instead.