Hyouka 03: Just another excellent episode

Although this episode as proven to be an excellent episode, these isn’t really much to talk about. The episode pretty much speaks for itself leaving nothing wrong to be accused of. All I could talk about is how great of an episode this is, however I’m no writer so I can’t really elaborate when I say “This episode is simply flawless.”

Anyway, another fantastic episode we have here; truly this series is worth much attention. From scene composition to art style, the director does well to show the emotions of the character to the viewers. The same goes for the author of the story; he does an excellent job of creating a unique character driven story by using some excellent ideas combined and built from a basic plot already used by others.

So we’re done with the introductions of episode one and two. Now we’re introduced to what looks like an excellent arc with a well laid out plot. In this arc I find it impressive that they are capable to creating such an atmosphere that draws you in with emotions of the characters even if the actual story is quite simple. That being said, this shows how capable the director is in expressing and portraying the story to the viewers.

The contrast between Oreki’s lazy personality vs his “smart-ass” personality is again, really well depicted. We also get to see a bit of his evil side while he blackmails his upperclassman. In the end, I’m really loving the series and am thrilled to know that this is a 21 episode series.