Sankarea 3 - Life

It seems Sankarea's main story has just begun. After learning about Rea's conflicts with her weird family we spend the bulk of episode 3 with Rea, confronting her father in an attempt to be set free from his ownership of her body and soul. After being put under house arrest by her father, we get a peek into Rea's mother as a character. It seems Rea's mother holds grudges of jealousy towards her daughter, but on the other hand it seems she secretly wants Rea to be free. If Rea was set free, it would mean the father might pay some attention to his drunken jealous hot wife.

The guy must have some real issues if he is to turn down his wife, dressed in nothing but a shirt, roaming the hallway with a bottle of wine offering him a drink.

Baabu lives! It was funny seeing how silly Chihiro was in his excitement over Baabu's resurrection, much to the surprise of his cousin Ranko. The main change to a zombie seems to be a hunger for hydrangea, which is better than eating human flesh. You'd think that the first thing to be worried about is if your zombie would turn out to be of the flesh eating kind, and yet Chihiro never considered it.

This particular scene with Rea and Chihiro's school friends was quite the laugh. Yasutaka gets all worked up about Rea, the hottest girl at school asking if he knows where Chihiro is. Yasutaka can't believe a zombie freak such as Chihiro has the hottest girl asking about him. All of the sudden Rea mentions castration, and the mood suddenly does a  polar shift from Yasutaka's point of view. Despite being under house arrest, Rea manages to sneak of easily, through the same path she escaped before, you'd think the father would have blocked off her escape route, but I guess Rea's acting was enough to convince him to trust her loyalty to him.

The climax at the end of the show was perfect, I won't spoil it for you but I will leave you with a question. Is it considered murder if they turn into a zombie? The conclusion to this episode marks the end of the father issues with Rea, and looks to focus on the relationship between Rea and Chihiro.