Ozma 02 - Giant Sandbox

I was going to hold out until I could find a better alternative to Crunchy's subs, but it looks like it isn't happening anytime soon. I also changed the post titles from "Ozuma" to "Ozma" since it seems closer to official. This episode picks up right after the premier left off, and it was more a less just pussyfooting around in the sand. What it felt like to me was just hide and seek in a giant sandbox.

This episode continues the trend of an inundation of more in-universe technobabble. At least it felt like a real battle, unlike a lot other anime which seems to be more smoke and mirrors while being as flashy and showy as possible. I mean the tension and strategy was clearly there. What it really boiled down to was (no pun intended), who was willing to back off first, because someone's life was clearly in danger. Of course, our heroes prevail for now.

If Maya's that sensitive to heat, I sure wouldn't want to be her living in a desert wasteland. I guess that brings up the question of why she was about to burn out from the heat, aside from the fragile heroine syndrome, of course. Why did she run away from her pursuers? Why do her pursuers "need" her? Why is she addressed with the "sama" honorific?

These guys know for sure, but I'm sure we'll find out a bit more when they actually question her in the next episode. Though, I doubt she'll give up her secrets that easily. Maybe she'll pull what a lot protagonists pull, the "I don't want to cause anyone trouble" card. Overall, I felt this was a nice change of pace episode. The subterranean hide-and-seek was more or less interesting to see, but I hope they tone down on the in-universe jaron a little bit. What I look forward to in the next episodes is exactly what on those medical charts make our heroine a not-so-ordinary girl.