Brave10 First Impression

I was kind of looking forward to this show, mainly for the action and some decent characters and plot, but instead it felt rather bland. Brave10 is the story of ten elite warriors in Japan around the year 1600. We are introduced to our first warrior, and main character, Saizou.

I was content with the several fight scenes in the episode, however I felt they were too easy for Saizou. I felt no urgency or sense of danger as he was cutting down each foe with a smile on his face. The fight scenes were pretty lame, Guilty Crown had far better action scenes, mind you the budget for this show seems weak and is a real shame since Brave10 is focused on action.

The plot was at least introduced right away and told straight up to us at the end. I won't spoil it for you but it sounds exactly like the show's description, the gathering of ten warriors. 

Saizou is what I would call, a bit of your standard protagonist. Saizou is skillful and quick to help others, however he hides the fact that he's a nice guy behind his tough demeanor. While helping our second main character, Isanami, Saizou constantly threatens to leave and be rid of her, yet he continues to follow Isanami and is dragged into the plot and several fights. I'm not sure what to think of Isanami, she doesn't seem to have much of anything going for her, but she seems the type to act cheerful and outgoing, yet she has secrets that are kept from those around her. I can't tell if she annoys me or interests me, I'll have to wait and see.  

My feelings are mutual at this point, but I have hope that I will find something to keep me entertained. I am hoping for some better quality, but that seems highly unlikely. The battles better be flashy from here on out with how poorly entertained I was with them.