Un-Go - 10 - Kaisho's Death

Episode 11 was filled with twists and turns, explaining some events while introducing new twists to the mystery surrounding Kaisho. After a very unusual emo'ish mood displayed by Inga in episode 10, it seems he has abandoned Shinjurou. I find myself to be a huge Inga fan, but I am content with Kazamori's presence to fill in the void. Episode 10 ended with Yuuki planning to work with the DIET member to get Kaisho to tell the truth though voice modification so that Bettenou's powers were rendered ineffective, or something to that extent.

After all the previous mysteries this one really takes the cake with my curiosity of the tension between Kaisho and Shinjurou. These two have very different views on how to go about doing things, Kaisho seems to enjoy covering up the truth for what he thinks is the best method that works for him. Yuuki on the other hand wants to reveal everything, exposing the truth without much worry for the events to follow.

I really love Kaisho's view on things, "People tend to think the truth is hidden, and there are people who believe that only they have arrived at the truth, but there are an innumerable number of truths, being satisfied with just one truth, is no more than ceasing to think about it beyond that point". Yuuki easily points out that covering up the truth is in itself, a selfish thing to do, who can say that Kaisho's version of the truth works for everyone.

I found the DIET member Kuramitsu's performance during the foreign affairs interview to be quite amusing, she easily brought to light some classified information as well as getting underneath Kaisho's skin with her "playing dumb" method. We learn that Kaisho might not have actually been at the studio, as there was no security footage on the cameras on site, according to Kuramitsu. Once she called forth her third witness, Inga, I immediately began to think that Kuramitsu might be behind the mystery. Kurumitsu called Inga for a reason, and just before Inga was called, Bettenou is seen whispering something into Inga's ear, as if Kurumitsu ordered Bettenou to tell Inga who to force the truth out of.

The truth ended up being a huge deal, Kaisho's JJ Systems have been altering files on every computer their software has been installed on, being able to alter and implemented data to organize false proof to deal with political offenders with falsified crimes.

After the fiasco at the foreign affairs interview, Kaisho leaves us with a few clues before suddenly "suiciding" with a car bomb. Telling Shinjurou through Rie about something he would obviously have known, about Bettenous's obvious involvement. A few other clues were the handkerchief, and the unreleased Yonogahime song which leads Shinjurou to begin looking into Kuramitsu's past, suspecting of her involvement. Not only was this a big turn of events as the mystery re-defines itself to be even more complex than initially thought, Mr. Yajima and the Yonogahime music hacker guy we saw making appearances last episode appear to have some sort of involvement with this case.

After all these clues, Shinjurous visit to the novelist reveals how Bettenou has tricked everyone to thinking the body of Kaisho is genuine, while it is indeed fake, and that Kaisho is most likely still alive. Even after figuring all this out, Shinjurou receives an invitation to a party by non other than Kaisho himself.

Everything is coming together quite nicely, the mystery continues to grow and develop, which is what I have been waiting for after only seeing small periods of gripping mysteries throughout the season. The build up of the finale has me on my toes, I can't wait to see how this will all add up in the end with Shinjurou obviously making a triumphant deduction of the case.