Ben-To 11 - Twin Power!

Yet again, another second last episode that  decided to slow things down a bit, much better done then the rest though. They are clearly setting up the twins to join the half price food club. You can even see it in the OP. I guess They need to save battle budget for the final episode, plus that last episode was pretty epic. Damn these budget constraints!

So we get to clearly see the insanity between the two sisters. They are clearly missing a few screws, at least they had clear cut paths. Dreaming to become wolves from when they were children, though it doesn't pay too well. A much worse dream then being an astronaut or any of those other generic dreams as a child. Maybe not the one where you want to be a dinosaur D:

I am surprised the Ice witch isn't shaken up at all with her lose. That seemed a bit unusual for a reaction. It was funny to see that comparison on the hair though, she really does look odd with the change in hair. I am curious how she plans to win without a training arc, she even weakened herself for being sick. Unless we learn the weakness of baskets and the Ice witch learns to exploit it.

So we get to see the face of our new enemy. I really wonder what caused the twins to lose, they are clearly powerful. I could only assume he used something underhanded to win. He even looks evil with that hat. At least they setup a new villain to battle so we get more girls to join the harem. Nothing like an ever expanding harem, one day it might even reach the size of a certain magical harem.

I am pretty sure I would have more to say if I wrote this earlier, but I decided to watch some of my backlog today and all I can think of is Bokurano. I can't help but tear up every episode D: I look forward to a wonderful final battle next week, Ben-To has done such a good job at exceeding my expectations. Too bad their won't be a second season anytime soon due to lack of content. I would have looked forward to that. This is just one of those series I can't stop laughing as I watch.