Un-Go - 05 - Statue of Illusion

A welcomed serious expression from child Inga.
Although I prefer the two part episodes to help deepen the mysteries and further develop our characters through personal struggles, this episode did a fine job of cramming everything good into one episode without feeling rushed. We gain a new permanent sub-character as Kazamori joins the detective and his side kick, providing info towards the truth of Inga.

Best excuse to cut any conversation short.
The episode was centered around  Mr. Shimada and allegations of him turning a profit in gold bars from the deaths of three individuals. Three students apparently gave their lives to protect civilians from an attempted suicide bombing on Mr. Shimada during his speech about war being a profitable business.

And so the mystery begins.
The bulk of the mystery was well thought out and focused around an act of greed from the blood of victims. You could consider it a two part mystery, initially its about the allegations behind the gold bars, but in the end it becomes tied to the two deaths of the opposing side to Shimada.

I love the music when Yuuki solves the mysteries.
The rumored gold bars has everyone thinking to find and take them, whether it be for personal greed, or to shine light on Shimada's alleged crimes. A great tie in was Yuuki's clouded judgement towards Shimada, disagreeing with his philosophies he blindly alleges Shimada to be the killer. It was nice to see Yuuki make an error, showing that he is not perfect himself. We also learned that Inga follows Yuuki around, agreeing to suck the souls of truth (or something) from people instead of killing them. Yuuki begins to understand his mistake, and returns with confidence, and a clear mind, to solve the mystery.

I didn't think there was THAT much in donations.
I was happy that we got to see the truth become publicly revealed, instead of being hidden behind a string of lies like the previous episodes. This time, with Inga's super powers, Shimada is exposed for acquiring the gold bars by taking the funds and donations to his memorial. It was obvious that the sculptor with very little screen time and importance was the killer. While Un-Go usually shows the killer well in advance and allows us to make easy guesses, I did enjoy the amount of focus on Shimada that would divert our attention from the sculptor. Overall I was glad to see two crimes tied together with Yuuki being able to solve the two, while Shimada is exposed to the public without another cover-up from Kaisho.

It was a great episode for Un-Go as more issues surrounding the post-war setting show realistic situations concerning greed and conspiracies. I think I consider Inga to be one of my top characters this season, along with Yuno from Mirai Nikki. Inga is just so different and funny, a total contrast for Yuuki, which makes him all the more love-able. I would consider this episode to be the better of the first two episodes so far.