Guilty Crown Ep04 - Flux

I found this week's episode to a great turn of events for Shu in his progress of deciding between his normal high school life, and becoming a part of Undertaker.

Continuing from last week, we are left with Shu being handed over to the GHQ by Yahiro, as expected, he betrayed Shu and sold him out to help his younger brother who is afflicted with the virus. Shu's entire class hears about this and many students are quite sad, so I think it's safe to say we wont have any more school life episodes now that the GHQ is after Shu for his connections with Undertaker.

Quite the facial features you have there. 
The introduction of Major Segai is a warm welcome as a very interesting antagonist. He comes across as a sharp, silver tongued general who appears as a friendly (but odd) understandable guy to Shu. Segai is able to convince Shu to not trust Gai, as Shu takes the button pen with him. Segai appears friendly and and even points out that not only did the un-registered people die during Undertaker's first attack, but also the armed men who died on foreign soil, making an emotional connecting to humanity with Shu. Segai also points out that Undertaker doesn't plan on helping Shu, thus causing Shu to consider how much trust he should put in Gai. Realizing Shu's connections with Inori, Segai even tells Shu that she will be brought in next if Shu doesn't work with him.

Shu's loyalty is questioned in this episode as he has to decide who he will work for, of course in the end he keeps the pen, since he doesn't trust Gai, and the only reason he is sticking with them is because of his detest for what GHQ has done, but mainly for Inori imo.

It seems Shu is only capable of being a man and performing badass moves when he feels the need to save himself or protect Inori, showing he isn't as pathetic as we are lead to believe. I find Shu to be a very tough character to like. It seems he only ever comes out of his shell during battles, but continues to be a pathetic pansy otherwise.
Your always stupid, you the dumbest character this season! OK that was harsh.
 I still don't know whether I can find a place in my heart for him, there's a good chance when this show is over I'll post a comparison between Shu and Lelouch, to cover the differences in character. It appears to me that Shu is stuck between being a completely useless student, and a bad-ass sword wielding fighter.

Inori has clearly grown an interest in Shu after feeling "cold" now that hes been catpured, Inori even ignores Gai's plans and decides to save Shu by herself, which is apparently a big deal since she would have never disobeyed him before. I was quite surprised with Inori's abilities as a member of Undertaker, as she infiltrates the facility on her own, leaping over tall buildings in a single bound. She even performed some pretty sick skills in avoiding the Englaves to rescue Shu.

This episode had plenty of action and a good inner struggle from Shu to decide who's side to take. This is basically where we are it in the show, we don't know what Shu is going to do, will he follow Gai and work with undertaker? Will he betray Gai and sell him out with the transmitter to Segai? Or will he stay and protect Inori?