Phi Brain Kami no Puzzle: First Impression

"The Contract Hidden in the Labrynth"

Right of the bat the opening scene introduces us to the types of puzzles that we will be dealing with, this was quite impressive as I was not sure what types of "puzzles" to expect.

The main character Kaito appears as a self proclaimed "Genius" of puzzles, and we're shown a few clips of him solving your average types of puzzles to support this. I found this to be an acceptable intro to his character as we learn how he is a bit full of himself while looking down on his fellow classmates, but is always determined to solve any puzzle.

The other characters don't get much of an introduction however a certain classmate gives him a puzzle device and seems he will play a major role behind the scenes. The other main character is Nonoha, who appears as Kaito's support, offering an eye for detail and other means to help hims solve the grand puzzles. We don't learn a whole lot from the get-go about the puzzle device's purpose, it did a good job beginning the story between Kaito and the mysterious Minotaur character to solve puzzles of life and death. We also hear mention of the "Devine Puzzle", "Orpheus Contract", and "Phi Brain" so we will at least have some plot devices to help develop a story.

I must say I was very pleased with the scale of these Sage Puzzles, they were massive, complex, creative, and dangerous.

Bad-Ass puzzle solver
The first episode silenced a lot of my own concerns and delivered a creative spin to puzzle solving. I must say the art style wasn't as bad as anticipated, it was actually very good, and the face art wasn't bothering me at all, which was my only concern before watching. The puzzles are huge and I am definitely looking forward to keeping up with this show. The two characters Kaito and Nonoha are interesting and keep my attention. The show has already defined a few key items that will be important later on, as well as a few characters who will help the plot. Overall a great first impression.