Persona 4 01 - A WTF QUALITY First Impression

What the hell was wrong with their faces and the shitty quality? Seriously, I couldn't stop noticing the shit quality they had going. Every time they zoomed in, the faces looked nothing like their face compared to even slightly zoomed out. I would think such a popular game with multiple PVs and huge hype wouldn't need to resort to slashing budget like this. The quality was just brutal.

Not only did they skew the faces far range, their faces just look odd compared to the game. Everything animated in the game looked much better. The art style just turned me off so bad, I still don't get how things looked so different from the anime. I don't see why people are complaining about the voice acting though. It is exactly the same as the undub game version. At least I don't share some of the complaints in this aspect with the other views.

I did like how they tried to mimic the game style in a few different aspects. This was definitely nostalgic and targeted the people that have played the game, like me.  It was also nice to hear the whole sound track from the game too, definitely another nice touch. They seem to be pushing for the anime to have the whole "game" feel to it, I like it.

At least the pacing was pretty good. They seem to be going through the content at a good pacing, though tbh, if you remove the grinding and dungeon time, the story isn't that long. At least we got to see some action in the first episode. Nothing big was cut other then seeing Rise dance around in a bikini for a commercial at the start of the game.

Steak doesn't imply beef in asian countries!

Not sure if I'll keep covering this just because of the brutal animation style. It also doesn't help that I know what will happen too. The most I can write about is comparing the differences, which I might do. I wouldn't want to spoil the series for people that have not played the game as it isn't bad. Seriously, what is wrong with the art in this anime?