Penguindrum 15 - Momoko Revealed

Wow what a big episode, we finally get to see Momoka. Things have been winding up pretty fast lately with no sign of stopping. This anime seems to thrive on flashbacks, almost as much as Tenjou Tenge! Either way, I am loving this anime with its twists and turns even if they don't have any more SEIZON SENYRAKUS!

We have been wondering about Yuri for a while now, and everything has finally been revealed about her. I still can't really tell what was being happened, at first I was under the assumption he wanted to rape her, but I got kind of confused by the end. Was he actually using a chisel (not his chisel XD) on her? What a sick fuck; That is artists for you.

Purple hair on Momoka? Awesome!

I am surprised that Ringo doesn't dye her hair, I wasn't expecting the different hair colour at all. Momo was pretty awesome though, I can see why everyone loves her. They crafted her as the perfect character that everyone would like. Here is to praying we see some super evil dark side of her that will never happen D:

The final confirmation that the diary is the real deal. I was surprised it ended up being so straight forward, that dairy really was what everyone wanted; It feels too easy still. I mean, you never see Ringo talk about using it to transfer realities. I think the book is more to see the fate of the universe and Momo had something else to be able to transfer fates. Jut my theory from this episode.

Anyone else notice the red head girl dived into water holding the diary? Isn't she scared that will ruin it? At least we now know what Yuri intends to do with the diary. The question now is what exactly happened to Momo? Was she captured or did she transfer another line again? Her fate is still up in the air.

Another episode with tons of things revelations. I am liking this extremely fast pace they been throwing at us. It is clear that they are starting to reveal everything now with everything winding up to the truth about Momo and the pink haired guy. I can't wait to see how everythign unfolds.