Penguindrum 14 - Yuri Time!

This show never fails at stealing all my WTFs. On a side note, the shadows are wrong, the lightbulb illuminating from her forehead should not cast a penguin shadow on the wall... I have too much time. This episode just keeps throwing in new elements, winding up for a huge twist (pun intended) for a powerful climax. I can't wait to see more episodes of this.

A new main focus of the was Yuri, a refreshing change after a large amount of flashbacks we been having. A welcomed change too as they answered a couple questions I had about her like a bit of her background and how she met her husband. I wonder what is wrong with her body though, my first assumption was: IT'S A TRAP!! How anime have tainted me with all dem traps lately.

OMG, the second I started to like Ringo they do this to her. I was so sad she got rejected so hard though. It wasn't even her fault, she was fine with it, it was the brother that couldn't accept it. Living life in regret, the shadow of his parent's actions looming over them; It must be a terrible life. I just felt really bad for Ringo, life as a yandere is suffering. She should turn on stalker mode, that will show him!

Nothing new about our pink headed prince this episode though. He prances around a bit for our princess, I still wonder if we will meet those 2 stars. They seem pretty integral to Himari's life, it would feel off if it was left unresolved by the end of the anime, they get so much screen time in an indirect way. My wish is they go to their concert so we get some insert songs too!

I really wonder who the hell these people in black are and what the history is here. They like to have alot of chatter between the red head brother and Ringo V2.0 to slowly feel out their relationship. A flashback to their past would still be nice, just how crazy was she? The way the conversation went, I presume those men in black ask the red headed brother to do jobs for money, but I wonder what kind of jobs?

OMG?!?!?!? Childhood friend card has been played! At first I assumed Yuri was actually Momoko, she said quite a few things to lead you to believe it. Then they drop the bomb, she really wanted Ringo to be Momoko. So I was right in my presumption about her though, she married that guy to get close to Ringo and the diary. I never imagined she wanted to rape Ringo though. They love replacing crazy stalkers with better stalkers in this anime; Their is always a crazier one just around the corner. I can't wait to see the aftermath of the rape.

Another mind blowing episode that blows all the other anime on Thursday out of the water. It surely is better than the overhyped anime airing this Thursday that didn't live up to expectations. All that is missing is more Seizon Senryaku, which have been lacking lately. I can't wait for more episodes of this, there is just so much suspense. Now if only GG subs didn't make me wait an extra day for subs D: