Mirai Nikki Ep02 - Terms of the Contract

Even though it took a quite some time for the subbed version to be released, it was well worth the wait. This episode was packed with more action than the first episode, while weaving a few new characters into the developing story. I was glad with how they are presenting Yukkii's character, along with Yuno, through the events that unfold.

As Yukki begins his walk to school we get a short info re-cap about his current situation as one of the 12 Future Diary holders,  as well as Yukki's thoughts on the elimination of Third. The intro to this weeks episode focuses on Yukkii's realization to his situation as everything mentally sinks in. Yukkii contemplates how he is suppose to handle having a stalker while being part of a dangerous game.

After deciding to consult with Yuno, Yukkii is left alone in his classroom only to abruptly be found out by Ninth. It turns out that Uryuu (Ninth) was initially after Third, Yukkii's teacher, but after hearing of his death, Yukkii, the First, became her next target. Just before Ninth is able to take out Yukki, Yuno is alerted when her diary changes, since her diary revolves around Yukkii. Yuno rushes to protect Yukkii from the crazy bitch who had somehow rigged the entire school of explosives.  
A series of explosions occur wiping out a few classrooms, I honestly did not expect the show to mindlessly start killing innocent bystanders. Yukkii realizes that he has no chance of surviving on his own and decides to use Yuno. I am glad he was able to realize how messed up his situation is and needs all the help he can get. Despite a lack of useful personal qualities, Yukkii is still able to understand what needs to be done in order to increase his chances of survival. I did feel a bit sad for Yuno when they kissed, since Yukkii only did it to secure Yuno as a tool. 
How exactly did she sneak in with large amounts of explosives anyway?
With the school fully armed with explosives, Yukkii and Yuno are forced to slowly crawl around, trying to find a way out, while learning more about the future diaries. A recurring theme is that every future diary holder has their own unique diary, such as the murderous diary of Third, and the diary of love from Yuno.

Yukki's diary has the ability to store a massive amount of entries that depict events surrounding him, while Yuno's diary is focused around Yukki's actions in 10 minute intervals. Combining the two diary's foresight, Yukkii is able to find out everything that will happen to him, as well as his surroundings ahead of time. It's quite the OP combo by far, since they can avoid any form of danger surrounding them with their diaries, this definitely gives them the upper hand over the other players. 

As Yukkii meets up with his classmates, Yuno realizes that something is wrong, since all the students should have been staying in a classroom to avoid the explosives. Yukkii's so-called friends capture Yukki and apprehend Yuno in order to sell him out with the promise of being freed from the school. Yuno feels responsible for telling Yukki that they were his friends, she begins to feel that it's her own fault and decides to take it out on the classmates who betrayed him. 
A little harsh, perhaps?
Yuno snaps and begins running around, triggering the explosives to detonate and kill the students. In order for Yukki to survive a little longer, theseexplosions were enough to distract Uryuu and lead to the introduction of Fourth. With his sole purpose of preventing deaths, the police officer Fourth, along with his Investigative Diary, is drawn out by Uryuu, who apparently was after Fourth, and not Yukkii. It makes sense since Uryuu could have blown the entire school up at the beginning, but needed to draw the police and Kurusu (Fourth) out.

Demanding that Kurusu should kill Yukki before turning the gun on himself, Uryuu threatens to kill the remaining students with the explosives if her demands aren't met. We follow up with a random funny moment between Kurusu and Yukki that can't be described with words so here are the images. 
Bubbles and shiny stars mislead us to think there is a bonding moment between Kurusu and Yukkii.
Timing seems to be everything in this show, just before Yukki is about to be killed, again, Yuno makes her re-appearance by jumping from the school to try and take out Uryuu. With Uryuu once again distracted, Yukkii begins his advance on her with Kurusu providing cover fire.
Who carries darts on them anyway?
 Even the school's students began pelting the crazy terrorist bitch with books, leading up to another climactic attack from Yukkii and his handy darts.  
That, would hurt.
Realizing that if she protected herself with her phone, it would end up in her death. Uryuu takes it like a boss and suffers a real bulls-eye from Yukki's dart.
Where did that come from, and how did she get so high?
It turns out that Uryuu's diary is the Escape Diary, allowing her to be a successful terrorist with her escape routes, although I find it hard to believe where on earth the motorcycle came from in the first place.

The episode ends with the Kurusu, Yukkii, and Yuno forging a pact to work together in hopes of ending the game and preventing any unnecessary deaths. Although doubtful, Fourth could just be playing them in hopes to eliminate the others before turning on Yukki and Yuno.

Well, what an explosive episode, literally. We are introduced to Fourth and Ninth through an action packed episode as we learn more about Yukkii and how he is coping with the game so far. Yuno is still obsessed with him and will continue to protect Yukki no matter what. While I didn't expect so much death with the students, the show still has a bit of the sick and twisted moments to keep you on edge. It was a great episode and I cant wait for the next one, I just hope the are able to release the subbed version a bit faster.