Mashiro Iro Symphony 02 - Why is There a Second Post?

Oh ya baby, I am a glutton for punishment watching this anime. I was bored waiting for my matches on Dragon Nest and decided to watch this. I had no intention of following up more posts for this show originally but I COULDN'T STOP yelling at my screen. So, I decided to make a post about it. If subs are timely on Tues/Wed, I might even continue, I'll have to see how rage inducing it is. My body can only take so much punishment.

This girl's life goal is to serve people, and she is fine that she is serving boys now. Her future is looking bright, their is a huge industry that thrives on young girls like her. At least she picked a well paying job that requires low standards to get in. Better to set nice realistic goals early then to have your dreams crushed!

So  his best friend is student council president and has a fiance? How has he not stolen the hearts of every girl in the school and NTRed this main character yet? Inb4 his fiance is main character's sister, that would be an awesome twist. I still don't get how this guy isn't the main character, he is clearly superior to our "ordinary" main character.

So we meet another harem addition, the senpai that thinks main character is an animal; He is a man so it isn't that far off, har har har. I was surprised when she didn't ask for his lunch so main character could feed her. I see her as just one of those side characters that will have zero impact on this story. I'll be surprised if she even gets lines outside of the episode that will be based around her. Her role is to just look pretty and run around with animal/mascot like thing.

Ignoring the red head that has no personality, what kind of stupid crap was this? They are growing boys so they can eat more and finish up the food? It was like this was a miracle of god to these girls the way they reacted. Does this mean problem solved and the boys are all accepted? It seemed quite simple...

What are they teaching at this school... needing to learn to improve yourself with boys around now...

Another mind breaking episode; My mind has been thoroughly broken. I seriously don't see what the hell they are even trying to do. They stuffed some different hair colours on some girls, threw them in a very over used setting and BAM, that is it. At least try and throw a twist on it D: I guess, why fix what isn't broken? As long as the eroge sold I guess... BTW: That imouto is still the worse character in the show.