Maken-Ki Pilot

The best way to save a girl from a stack of falling boxes? Include sexual favours and offer more as needed.
This anime is a lot of fun. It is your basic harem genre, with swarms of girls around one very nerdy boy. Despite the blatant perversion in such anime, I do like the fact that the boy isn't a bishonen. It's always entertaining to gun for the underdog! A magical girl theme is layered over the fundamental harem structure to make everything look pretty and sparkly. However, this anime's claim to fame is it's appeal to the fantasy we all have: to be surrounded by beautiful people who shower us with love and other naughty things. Indulge in this for it is a guilty pleasure; nothing more, nothing less.
Her proportions... her innocence. Even I want to touch her. It may be the purple hair; that is totally my thing.
The episode starts with a bodacious girl walking down the street. It's been a while since I've seen va-va-voom like this on an animated girl. Unfortunately, I'm more of an ass girl, not a tits girl. But this anime (and most ero-anime from my experience) is a lot more breast-centric, so I resort to being the beggar who cannot be a chooser. Of all the girls, this one is probably my second favourite. Her name is Amaya Haruko; Haru-nee to our hero, whom she has a possessive crush on.
Why be in charge of your own balls when you can just have a priestess service them for you?
Ohyama Takeru, the protagonist, the transfer student, the centre of the harem, has the delightful aesthetic of a nerd. By that I mean, strange, realistic haircut (who has that in anime!?) and glasses. He is somewhat of a man-ditz which makes it even more amusing when girls flock to him left, right and centre. Ah~ A great time to be a nerd.

She's so refreshing. It's difficult to resist!
Tenbi Gakuen is a school of magical girls. And now boys too I guess since the school is newly co-ed. I'm still unsure on the magical boys aspect of the story because I have not seen any boys use magic. Ohyama does have a strange symbol on his chest which randomly appears and flickers. It resembles the Sakuke clan's Sharingan symbol from Naruto. I expect there to be some tie-in to the magical girls down the road which I hope will lead to the harem multiplying at supersonic speeds. The cattiness between fighting girls is entertainment at it's finest.

I can't believe he told her he could see her panties. I would have enjoyed the free show for however long it lasted.
After a brief fight between Kinua Galette and Shinatsu Azuki - my favourite so far; I'm partial to firecrackers - we are introduced to Himegami Kodama, a girl who cannot do anything without flashing her sparkly white panties to everyone. I think she's flashed the public assembly while standing perfectly still with no help from an indoor breeze. She can talk to these little fae called Elements. Her personality is a bit difficult to follow, leading me to conclude that she is mildly bipolar. She claims to be natural enemies with Ohyama, challenges him to a public fight during the introduction ceremony and then moves in with him "because he lives in a three person dorm and there is space". The only thing that I really know about her is that her favourite pair of panties is white, and everyone else loves them as much as she does.

The problem with this picture is that there is only one girl. 
The fourth key character, and third harem girl so far, is Kushiya Inaho - Ohyama's self-proclaimed fiancee. She steps in and saves Ohyama in his fight against Himegami. She also wields an regional Maken, which sends waves throughout the stronger magical girls (including teachers) at Tenbi. She has a cute feline face and characteristics and is extremely attached to Ohyama. She moves in with him on approval of the headmaster on the basis that they are betrothed.

She sleeps in this?! How unrealistic! Yes, of everything, this is what I fixate on. 
The last order of business is Karu-nee moving into the house of her own volition because of her possessive tendencies. This makes the harem count three (and rising, hopefully). Quite a few mystery points were introduced in this episode, mostly focused on the magical girl aspect of the story. While plot matters, what makes this fun to watch is the blatant sexuality and cattiness. The omnipresent panty shots, the swords which are subtextual penal symbols, the massive cup sizes and the fighting over trivial things like boys and teddy bears - these are the entertaining points in this anime. T minus 2 till my next fix.