Maken-Ki Ep 02

I don't have much to say about this episode. I could let screen captures to the talking for me, but I would have to hemorrhage panty shots and boob shots in order to accomplish that. This episode moves to further the fantasy rather than the magic. I was disappointed at the lack of fighting girls, but I've been promised some dominatrix action a la Himegami for the next episode. I'll have to wait patiently.

This show makes me want to buy copious amounts of lingerie.
We start by watching Ohyama discover the real joys of living with girls - walking in on them in the shower. I'm guessing by episode six or seven the three girls will be fighting to seduce him with their wet sexiness (pun intended), but in this episode all he got was a long look at Himekawa's black lingere before she electrocuted his eyes. A lesser advantage of this arrangement is delicious home cooked food. It's wholly secondary though.

This is actually more scary than cute to me. When I stare at a girl's ass, I don't want a bear staring back.
The four of them are running late for school and Ohyama has no energy to make it into the school ground on time. As the gate is closing, we see him steps away from it, dying from exhaustion. Himekawa surprises us by sending her Element to pull him over the gate in the nick of time. A large change over her homicidal intentions from the previous episode. So far, she is the best developed character and is earning her way into slot number three on my favourites chart. The president of the student council chides Haruko for being almost late. Mother Nature blows a breeze and Haruko gets her redemption by discovering the president's embarrassing secret. She likes cute things. I wonder why role models think it's unbecoming of them to like cute things. Be yourself Kaicho; we love you for who you are!

That must have been a widescreen crack in the curtain.
It is appalling to see how fast Ohyama can run to spy on women. This is the episode with the physical examinations. Ohyama finds his kindred spirit in a boy who sits next to him in class. Alas, he isn't introduced to us. There is a lot of synchronized talking to make up for it though. And then there is a lot of peeking to make up for it even more. I am convinced this school has a minimum B-W-H requirement. Ohyama pulls out the chivalry card when his new found friend is excited to spy on his fiancee. Shortly after this they are caught by Himegami who stomps their faces into the ground. Minute character development occurs here, but it's too ambiguous for me to comment on. It is hinted that Himagami has temper issues. (This is good news given the preview for the next episode.)

First times all around...
As the boys get their physicals, all new students are expected to place their hands in this talking mechanical device which will match them to their Maken. Ohyama's Maken is unidentifiable. This hasn't ever happened and it stuns the teachers. Ohyama doesn't seem to mind too much because he gets to cozy up to the nurse's best assets. The resolution to the problem lies in the genius builder of the Maken matching gizmo  hand crafting a Maken for Ohyama. I like him because he's arrogant enough to compete with God because empirical proof shows him he can. Logical pepole are win.

I want to say "Punish me sensei~"
The finale of the episode features more jealous and possessive Haruko. She's so adorable when she gets this way. Ohyama tries to appease her by asking for a tour of all the clubs. It is a rule at Tenbi that all students must join a recreational club. As they toured the possibilities I cowered in fear. All the sports and martial arts are taken to the next level. The Kendo club look like they are fighting with light sabres. It is commonplace in Tenbi to hone your Element while participating in a club activity.

Put the camera down and go take it off for her, you sloth.
Ohyama decides that he wants to join the Gravure Photography Club. Oh, he'll hone his element alright. Haruko can't stand the thought of Ohyama and Inaho participating in such a club together. So she tells him that he will join the Kenkeibu. From the previews, we see that it's headed by Himegami which calls for interesting times and more panty shots too.