Guilty Crown 01 - Code Geass V2.shounen

So the most anticipated anime of the season has finally aired, I wasn't too impressed. I guess the massive amount of hype around it was too large, it just couldn't live up to it. Being a fan of supercell already, the music was obviously a huge selling point for me. I just haven't seen much potential with this story yet, it seems pretty shounen with a higher budget animation. Hopefully we will get our Code Geass style story coming next few episodes.

.... what?

So the opening scenes was purely to show off our new CC for this anime. I still know if those are feathers? How does this or her other orange clothes stay on? Physics of clothing always confuzzled me in anime. We open with some action shots of new CC running away from an unknown enemy and only barely escaping mixed with feather/winged version of her making out with some skull thing. Sure is awesome way to confuse your audience!

Oh signature picture, how could I not include you?

So we know little to nothing of what is happening. She escaped with some vial of something that turned our main character into a super saiyan. For a first episode, they focused a large amount of time on action rather then building up setting or even much of the characters. I guess having a flashy first episode is better then an info dump, I prefer having it mix of both though. Nothing has context at this point for this show.

So we also have some badass leader? I don't remember anyone like that in Code Geass!?!?!? Maybe he is a replacement for Suzaku, I mean he has already gotten that super spin kick down. Seriously, they need to explain some more info on... anything. How did they know main characters name, who the hell are they, or why does he have the same spin kick as Suzaku?

Go figures, a childhood friend. This feels like I got beat by a cliche stick, I mean they seem to love using this nowadays for everything. For a second, I thought she was all a figment of his imagination and didn't really exist, then I realized it wasn't possible. She is just that childhood friend role that lost full contact and randomly encountered at the best possible time. ~Sigh Sigh

So he pulled a super powered sword out of his childhood friend and beat a mecha? I am really getting that shounen feel to this anime. I mean, part of the allure of Code Geass was that it was a dumbed down version of Death Note with mecha. More people like that mind game style story rather then shounen-esque feel this has. They are really copying the Code Geass story frame though. Burning down the whole area to wipe out something small with a girl to give main character super powers to battle it out. All were missing is finding out the lead scientist for this charge is main characters brother and we got exactly the same thing.

Is he the final master for the holy grail war?

The huge pluses for this anime is definitely the animation and music. They are starting on a strong foot by throwing in many action scenes but I think that takes away from the anime a bit when you have no idea what is going on. Hopefully more will be explained in the coming episodes, though I would continue watching it for the music and good animation. Speaking of animation, time to watch Persona 4 episode 2, I heard the animation QUALITY gets even better.