Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi S2 01

The cute first episode warrants a cute first picture in the first review!
The first episode of S2 pleasantly surprised me. I was reluctant to watch the episode knowing that I would be faced with the primary pairing, but the episode left me smiling, happy and expecting more. Expectations are always scary but I will not curb my enthusiasm just to avoid disappointment. After all, I have been promised (promised) a good ending.

Ah, the anticipation.
The episode has more depth which I found lacking in Onodera in S1. It seems that he has invested in introspection following the finale of S1. I enjoyed the fact that he has not changed his outwardly behaviour but has slowed down on the self-satisfying lies. I must say Onodera wears jealousy beautifully as you will see later in the episode.

Takano's serious yet well-intended statements guarantee a comedic follow-up
The episode begins with Onodera chasing everyone down for manuscripts. He's the process planner for the month, a daunting task requiring lots of scheduling and liaising with the various other departments of the publishing house. Being new and the workplace pushover that he often is, he is comically jerked around by everyone much to my amusement. Takano helps him out here and there, injecting serious comments about his sincere feelings which send Onodera further into the comedy deep end. This segues well into his jealously of Yokozawa, who continues to badger and taunt him mercilessly.

Why can he look more delicate and graceful than most girls?
While Onodera struggles to coordinate between the editors and the printers, his mangaka's manga debuts and does very well. In order to celebrate, Takano offers to rally the troops for a night of celebration. Being the idiot that he is capable of being, Onodera dodges the invite by working very late. Of course, because nothing goes as he plans, he's dragged over to Takano's house for a celebratory soiree. Onodera spent a bulk of the episode simmering in jealousy with dashes of honesty here and there. This set the stage well for an entertaining and progressive evening.

Of course, alcohol always helps!
A drunk Onodera is an amusing Onodera. He rambles and raves without thinking. If you've every taken care of a disgruntled or angry drunk friend, you know the joy of such moments. Takano does well to control himself despite the heavily suggestive behaviour. Push comes to shove and Onodera gets too close to Takano for any self restraint to work and they share their first kiss of the season. Yes, share. A good start, and by proxy the promise of a good end.

See, jealously, it looks good on Onodera. 
The post kiss ramble is heavily focused on Yokozawa and how Takano should not lead Onodera on a string because he's fragile and attached and doesn't understand himself. He is unbearably cute and foolish as he rants which made me like Onodera a lot more as a primary character. All through the first season, I was waiting for him to be honest with himself. All it took was 12 episodes and some beer. Eventually, Takano can't stand Onodera jumping to conclusions and still denying how he feels and forces him to listen by sitting on him. This was animated in a much more sexy fashion, and my words do it no justice, so I'll leave you to watch the scene. I would not call it touching, but it has merit. It is the moment that Takano broke through to Onodera for the first time since they were reunited.

We all know what first names lead to...
The ending of the episode was very amusing. I could elaborate but I've been told a picture says a thousand words. So I'll give you two.

And so, in part, the story is reset, and Onodera is back to his denial. However, Takano now has something in his arsenal and I have faith that Onodera is not so unrealistic to string me along for another whole season. I look forward to seeing how their story develops.

P.S. Why is Takano such a bishonen when he's serious?