Steins Gate 23 - I R MAD!

I wouldn't either!

Throughout this episode, I was sitting at the edge of my seat biting my nails and then it hit like a punch in a face. Not only did they successfully spoil the plot for what will happen in the final episode, they used the worse device to solve everything. It just hurt my soul to learn this will be how thing will end.

So the part time warrior upgraded to a full time one this episode. I can't say I like the new hairstyle, but it is more suited for a warrior. Good to finally see Suzu back since she was the first character to poof when her "ending" was cleared. Nothing like a guide to lead Ookarin into the final arc.


So this was the big event which had me on my edge of my seat. It was what we been waiting all season for. I had feeling that something like this would happen, nothing like your own invention backfiring on you. It was painful to watch after seeing Ookarin leave his love behind only to be the one to kill her. I shed a tear for him.

Metal Upa to the rescue

I thought it was trolling when people said that it would be a key factor, I can't believe they were right. The better question is, how did he get it? It makes sense that Kurisu's death is a 100% given, or at least the scene. If it didn't exist, this version of Ookarin would not exist and thus a paradox. I was hoping for some other ingenious solution other then faking a death though. It was nice to see how the father tied into all of this though.

So the final episode approaches, but I am very hesitant to watch. After how this episode ended, I pray that they will surprise me with some crazy twist. Maybe the there was some hidden meaning that only they understood to throw us all off. I had so much hope for this show, don't let me down! Science Tuesdays will never be the same now D: