Science Time - Revisiting Ookarin's Reading Steiner

So, during my latest comment on my other science post, I came to a startling realization that, hidden inside of Ookarin, is the power of a god. That is the TL;DR version to take away from this. Either way, it was one of those awkward revelations that made me just have to start a new post, even though I wanted to be done with Steins;Gate. I guess it is okay, since everything is going to be done airing this week and this is the calm before the storm of posts I need to make for next season.

Since this conclusion I came to requires a bit more than common sense to fully understand, I'll start by explaining this from scratch. There are two popular theories when talking about time travel and the works. The more popular one is the infinite parallel universe, with the second one more easily understood as a single flowing timeline, running like a stream.

The parallel stream, in a nutshell, is that with every choice and every moment, another parallel universe is created, depicting this other choice that you did not make. This branches out over and over, creating an infinite number of parallel universes that cover every single possibility that could've occurred. This theory is mainly popular because it also means the future is undetermined and anything is possible.

The other popular theory is one timeline that flows like a stream. This also means that everything is fated to happen and travelling back in time would affect the future.

Now, Steins;Gate follows neither of these. I was always under the assumption that it was the parallel theory, based on the image they showed us of the world lines. In actuality, it is the embodiment of both of these ideas. If you compare these two theories and the current way the Reading Steiner works, you can only conclude that it is the power of gods! Still don't get it? I guess I figured it out after reviewing these facts, but I'll connect more dots for you.

Look at some key features of the Steins;Gate time travel world. Travelling back in time can alter the future through the movement of timelines. This is a characteristic of the one-stream time theory. The movement within timelines implies there are multiple lines. The attractor field acts to keep the stream flowing in the same direction, too. This clearly shows that this theory of time resembles the one-stream closer than the parallel universes that the picture depicts. Now, you can revise it so that instead of just one stream, you have a few key streams - the alpha, beta and gamma lines that they moved between. So, what we have are the rules of the one-stream theory slightly changed to have a few streams rather than just one.

Now, consider the Reading Steiner: it lets him sense the change in timelines. If the one-stream theory and the attractor fields theory holds true, then it should be impossible to alter the future to any significant degree. This is why the pictures always depicted their timeline to break up into strands, almost like the parallel universes theory. This world's characteristic is that the future cannot be altered, although it is a totally different strand, which is also why it is depicted that the world line move with every D-mail. Now, think about this a bit more: how can he magically move timelines just because a new one is created/changed? In essence, he was always the only one that could feel the change and move to these timelines. This would mean that the Reading Steiner is much more than just a tool for sensing that time has changed; he moved into that changed timeline.

This could also be why he is the only one that remembers, because he moved timelines (which is impossible for anyone else). Now, what you've learned from this is that with some fine-tuning, he could probably shift to any timeline he wanted, rather than needing a D-mail to trick his subconscious into doing something. With this, he could move timelines as he pleases and pretty much choose the future he desires. If that isn't godly powers, then I don't know what is.

If you had trouble following what I wrote, I'm sorry. I have trouble wording such abstract ideas myself. This is one of the more abstract ideas that's a bit harder to comprehend, but cheers for anyone that does!

Side note: this still doesn't change the fact that he was given godly powers with a deus ex machina ending. This is just a different perception of the underlying mechanics of the Steins;Gate world.