Random Thoughts: Dead Space 2

I actually got one of the few art insignia's (yay me!).

I figure ill start doing random posts of current stuff that's happening even if it includes old stuff that i'm just picking up.
After building my awesome new computer that can run anything, (yes anything) I downloaded a bunch of PC games that I never really decided to actually buy. This (currently) includes Bullet Storm, Deus Ex, and Dead Space 2.

For starters, I'm only on the fourth chapter, whats wrong about this is I didn't even realize it, I mean, there was no indication that I am actually progressing through the game's narrative. At least in the first Dead Space you completed a chapter after fixing part of a ship (not much of a story) , fought some sort of "boss" character, and proceeded to the Tram station with a "Mission Complete!" announcement. There is none of that in the new one which kinda bothers me since I don't feel like I have done much, save for the one boss I had to kill (rather easily) at a random point in the game which was so random he could have popped up anywhere and I wouldn't have felt any different to the current mission.
The game starts out with Isaac, dealing with his dementia, no we don't care about the Necromorphs lets focus on Isaac for a sec.
The current setting and atmosphere is generally the exact same, the same walls, the same windows, the same god damn blood smears. I still haven't realized that I escaped the mental hospital area and entered the kiddie area and residents apartments (well not exactly true since it was a slightly smaller area).

The weapons appear to do a little more damage than Dead Space 1, as well as my inventory is constantly clogged with extra extra ammo since every enemy has about 20 rounds of assault rifle ammo  on them (why do they have ammo anyway?). the only thing that hasn't changed is the amount of damage I take early on, I mean its about the same, i'm constantly looking for health packs but I have so much ammo enemies wont get close enough unless they pop out of the vents behind me.

They actually introduced the small stuff for a story, (YAY!) so were now on a new location and Isaac is surrounded by Necromorphs, really? This bothered me since the first Dead Space was uncharted territory for a regular mechanic and unknown evils with all this horror and survival stuff happening, as well as a broken ship that was just falling apart. Now were thrown right into it without any mystery or new horror just a simple run n gun it seems with no insight (yet), into the whole Marker object and this dude whose trying to get me killed. On a fresher note, Isaac is dealing with his dementia where he sees his dead girlfriend and must reach a doctor to get help. Hey its a lot better than fixing a damn ship!

He's dead Jim
At least we're more intrigued by the main character who finally has a face and a voice rather than some robot looking mechanic who can kill Necromorphs successfully where trained military officers cant do anything.

Overall the game is the same, they didn't change anything it seems, but made some more interactive puzzles as well as newer content that makes the game feel fresh. This game is very fun while not as frighting as the original, but regardless they do a decent job of presenting us with a great game that anyone would enjoy if they played the first one, as well as new players to the series.

And that ends my Dead Space Rant, I look forward to finding out about the Marker, Isaac's dementia, the guy who's  apparently trying to kill me, and I guess the reason why there are Necromorphs near Saturn.