Hanasaku Iroha 26 - An End to my Torment

Exactly how I feel :3

This episode was much better then I expected but that still didn't justify the brutal rest of the season. The second half was extremely well done to wrap things up nicely with an open ending for a potential season two. If season two happens, there is no chance I'm covering it unless I see Godzilla and Gundams battling it out in the PV. I was lulled into this by that awesome first episode, never again!

This festival had SO MUCH WRONG WITH IT. Firstly, I mentioned last week how every single staff member left for the festival, sure is amazing customer service they got. Ignoring that, anyone else notice they collected all the tags with their dreams on it and BURNED IT. I wouldn't want to write my dream on those tags either... The true meaning of this festival is to crush the big city dreams so the populace can live peacefully in this tiny town. Seeing useless Ko in this scene didn't help either.

I can't believe they actually closed down the inn, really didn't see that coming. For the young master to actually realize he was too incompetent to run the inn was an awesome turn of events. It was one of those life lessons he learnt the hard way. I guess this anime pushed to be more realistic, even within the drama. The problem is it pails in comparison to other anime where everything seems more dramatic.

This final scene of the manager walking back through the inn really spoke to me, I shed a tear watching her reminisce all the old times. That feeling of the huge decision to close down what you loved the most; It must weigh heavily on her. Knowing how hard it was on her to make such a decision for the good of her staff is something she would shoulder alone. This made me really like the grandmother.

Was I the only 1 that thought they screwed up the flag on first glance?

Watching where the whole cast moved on to makes you think they are better off without Kissuiso. By the time they are ready to reopen, they will already be so integrated into their new lives that they won't be coming back. It was a sinking boat and should be left at the bottom of the sea. It was great memories for all of them which they should leave alone. The inn was run in a very inefficient way that could only be supported by high prices. It would not survive with their shabby business model they had going.

One good thing was the ending credits. It really showcased just how amazing the art and animation was throughout the anime. To bad looking good isn't enough for an anime to be interesting. I kind of see what they were trying to do with this anime, it was just missing something that I can't quite put my finger on. I'll do a full spoiler free review later though this last episode really did help it's rating. It was a very strong finish at least and good endings are staple to at least a decent anime.