Tiger & Bunny 22 - Back in Green

Do these proportions look kind of weird to you?
I'd say that this week's installment of T&B wasn't as good as the previous, but it was still fun to watch nonetheless. When Tiger said that he had a plan, I'm pretty sure the viewers knew exactly what kind of plan he had in mind given his character. The basic flow was solving the problem with the other heroes and setting up an "epic" showdown between Tiger and Barnaby before they address Maverick.

Of course Tiger's plan was to try to get the other Heroes to remember the times that they've spent together in earlier episodes of the season. I thought Sunrise did a good job taking us down memory lane by reconnecting the earlier character-centric episodes with an episode this late in the series. It shouldn't come as a surprise that Blue Rose was the only who tried to believe him, because she was the one to falter in the previous installment. Teenage love can do some crazy things, can't it? Also, I really loved the background music that was playing during this scene.

Wow. I can't believe I didn't make the connection the previous episode. When I first saw this, I thought, "Deus ex machina much?" Then I literally hit myself in the forehead because I remembered Maverick touching Kaede (and not in a weird way, if you've seen those creepy Maverick fanarts floating around). Actually, I thought this was done quite nicely. We were given a little more information each week as much as six episodes ago, so I felt that introducing Kaede's power, her coming to Sternbild and running into Maverick was a nice, believable progression. What's interesting is that Kaede's copy of Maverick power doesn't seem exactly identical. Then again, we haven't actually seen Maverick using his powers on screen, we've only seen a glowing blue hand.

Being the goofball that he is, Sky High makes it convenient that Maverick's control over Barnaby isn't so easily dissolved. That said, I had my fair share of laughs this episode. I really enjoyed Keith's egg slurping, Saito-san's appearance, and scarf-tan suddenly speaking.

This guy is still a mystery. When Sky High removed impostor Tiger's face guard, everyone gasped. I personally think he's just some super robot, since we've had some background on robot engineering and that Maverick was eager to see it's powers. Then again, anything could be behind that mask, maybe even the head of a lucha libre fighter Maverick hired.

The above picture picture seems to suggest that Tiger vs. Barnaby is some kind of epic showdown, but I think that this conflict will end rather quickly and anticlimactically. The preview at the end of the episode hardly reveals any new information. Hopefully, we'll get to see more of Lunatic because he needs some more screen time.