Tiger & Bunny 20 - Not "Pinning" It Down

I know - episode 21 is going to air in a couple hours, sorry for the delay. The fall semester is right around the corner and I've been playing a little catch-up on Dragon Nest. I still have a bunch downloaded anime that I haven't gotten around to watch yet (Redline, Kamisama Dolls, a couple others). Anyway, I'll just make this post shorter, since I'll probably be writing one for the next episode the next day.

Tiger definitely has his moments.
This episode was okay, but not too much happening. I think many viewers expected things to go very similar to what happened. This pretty much sets up the whole Kotetsu vs. Sternbild kind of dilemma. Overall, it was enjoyable to watch. I bet many of you were frustrated because Kotetsu wasn't able to "pin" down a certain connection, but I found it believable.

I was just laughing at this whole scene. We all knew how it was going to play out; he moves the cup near his mouth to drink the poisoned coffee many times, but never actually do it. I really don't mind these kind of cliches that the T&B writers are pulling. Why not? Because I think it's fun to watch.

So Kotetsu finds the pin that he got for Baranaby at Maverick's office. I think the way he thought about it was perfectly reasonable. Kotetsu doesn't have any reason to suspect Maverick. From what we've seen, I think Kotetsu rarely ever sees him, even though Maverick's his boss. He has heard nothing but good things about Maverick from Barnaby, about how he took him in and raised him as if he were his own son. I found it perfectly believable.

Yep, Samantha's death flags were poking out of my laptop screen since the previous episode. I'm sure no one was surprised that she was offed this episode, and pinning the whole thing on Kotetsu should have been expected as well. What I want is for characters to question what kind of motive Kotetsu could have had to do such a thing.

I'm really wondering which direction the writers are going to take with this. Maverick's plan is far from perfect. Many people that know who Kotetsu is, namely characters like his family and Ben Jackson. The report above reveals that Kotetsu is actually a NEXT, and his identity being Wild Tiger being revealed should be inevitable. We'll definitely see a showdown between Tiger and Barnaby before the season's over. With his NEXT powers ever-fading, how will our bumbling buffoon of a hero get himself out of this predicament? Tune in!