Penguindrum 07 - Big Wig Hunting

Why would you ever agree to that? D:

It was another slow episode, as people just wandered around talking to each other trying to find more clues - that, and Ringo's super stalker mode was on. They seemed to have used the same formula as the previous episode, with a dull overall story with a cliffhanger ending to draw people in for the next episode. This seems a bit like a gimmicky approach to hide the dullness of the episode.

Those are some pro big-wig catching skillz.

So, it wasn't too big of a surprise to see that the marriage would involve the two of them instead of Ringo. The only real surprise was that Project M did not stand for marriage... I wonder where she found that frog, though; it must have been difficult. Either way, it isn't hard to see why you would pick the beautiful actor over the childish Ringo! I wonder if they will really swing her as evil by the end; I mean, teachers don't make such a magnificent salary that would be worth marrying for. I think she secretly wants the diary, too, and she'll make a deal later to trade the teacher for the diary. Just my speculation.

That's interesting. So, the one giving him the money maybe isn't a loan shark? Something clearly is odd, since their "group" can use magical balls that make people forget things. This anime was never aiming to be realistic - I mean, we have penguins with selective invisibility that barely makes sense, and a mind-controlling revival hat that you can buy at a souvenir shop. I wonder how the mystery girl links into it all, and why can't he see the obvious penguin that she is carrying around too?

So, the new cliffhanger this episode was that Ringo plans to rape her teacher. Neglecting that she has no feminine charm, this is surprisingly (not *har-har-har*) hard. This will probably be one of those cliffhangers that lead nowhere, just like this week. We saw nothing more to unravel the mystery girl, so I can only assume that he isn't home or his new wife is with him already.

Still love these + the random penguin moments the most.

This was a pretty slow episode that left me disappointed. Nothing happened and a cliffhanger that went nowhere didn't help. I've liked this anime quite greatly, but things are slowly declining with these last two episodes. They are taking their time because this will be 2-cour, but things are moving much slower than expected. I just hope this anime lives up to my high expectations.