Mayo Chiki 07-08 - Enter Punyuru

There were another two episodes fuelled by the awesome Oujo-sama. These two linked together pretty well, with their trip to the beach filled with super-hidden motives! The slight plot advancement at the end of the eighth episode was a nice twist; this rarely happens in an anime of this style, so I was pretty surprised.


So, the main character was sent away to the beach and randomly encountered the rest of the main cast. With a pool episode having occurred recently, they felt the need to go to the beach again to show off their bathing suits. This episode was more just humour-based with no real plotline, which isn't necessarily bad for an anime of this type (though that makes it extremely hard to talk about).

That look from Oujo-sama was awesome.

You would think that this wouldn't work, but glasses do change quite a bit - at least, mine do. I feel like I look awkward without my glasses. The framing around the eyes and the magnification of the eyes does distort enough that I can kind of believe that this works. I mean, with the hairstyle changed, the sudden appearance of breasts, and the face distorted slightly, I'd be confused too if someone told me it was someone else, until they told me that obvious troll name...

Where did the random steam, that wasn't there a minute ago, come from?

How did he possibly hide someone behind him? There's no possible way unless it was a midget - especially because the farther you are, the more you can see around him. Why does physics not apply in this world!?!?!? Oh right, it's anime; never mind.

Finally, we got to the real reason why they were at the beach. The reverse trap turned out to be the main character; it's not hard to believe that it was about her to begin with. The slightly serious side I still find doesn't fit too well with this anime; keeping this lighthearted is best. Once you cross the line of wanting serious material, you have to start looking for plotholes, which I am sure there are plenty of.

I wonder how she was able to take everyone down, including reverse trap's father. I wish to learn her secret ways of taking everyone down. Her winning fit in with the genre, so the main character stayed  "open" for his entire harem. The ending was the curve ball, with the reverse trap wanting to be more than friends. I'll be pretty pissed now if they throw in some random shit, like she meant something else; that would be an intentional fake cliffhanger with no attempt to hide it (the worse kind).

So, it was another humourous episode to pass the time. They are finally going back to school in the next episode, apparently. I wonder how they plan on ending this series. Will it be open-ended so there's the chance for more seasons, or was that confession from the reverse trap anime-only and they'll make an anime-only ending where they actually get together? Maybe I'd be able to tell if I read the light novel but oh well, it's nice to be surprised on how things will go.