Mayo Chiki 05-06 - A New Harem Edition

It's always best to hit and run!

So, these two episodes batched together nicely, with the introduction of the new character. It's another tsundere to mix in with the rest of them already in his harem. They really need to branch out on the archetypes; he is already surrounded by tsunderes. I guess that could be just what he is into; he clearly enjoys it and keeps coming back for more.

So, she enters with a bang - literally. Nothing else much happens in episode 5, other than the main character getting blackmailed into going to the cultural festival with her. I wonder why anyone ever goes along with blackmail like that. He should be focusing on how to steal the phone instead of following through blindly. There was just not enough Ouji-sama this episode... D:

Dual-wielding, indeed.

So, he promised both girls and then things became like this. The real question is how no one noticed that the reverse trap had breasts? It's pretty obvious in a dress like that. I guess I'll just "go with it". There's some clear jealousy from both of them, which was a pretty big clue that the new girl likes him too, already. The problem is she had pretty much zero reason to. Her reason was explained at the end as for wanting that date, which was pretty flimsy. That is what happens when you put a story together with duct tape. D: The good news is that it isn't the focus of the show.

That costume is so awesome.

She seems pretty awesome, though. It's also amazing how the chairwomen of the committee can't fight at all. How did she get so far with no battle ability? Blasphemy. Everyone appearing so far can randomly fight, so why can't the head honcho fight? I wonder how their commitee holds back the other sect. At least she is pretty awesome. She even draws her own manga to depict the yaoi love.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised to see her at the centre of everything, as always. Wasn't the S4 group to admire the reverse trap from afar? How did she manage to get into the fan club, and then become the representative for them, no less? They really don't try to make the storyline have any common sense...or maybe I just read too deeply into everything. It was a fitting battle to have them do trivia over facts about the reverse trap, rather than have a real all-out brawl; it makes more sense this way, at least. 

What were they thinking...? Swimsuit maid cafe...

In the end, the new character went super tsundere to the main character to increase the harem by another girl. Interesting that they are having yet ANOTHER swimsuit episode. These usually only come once per season; they are really going all out for the fanservice. This is fast going from just a fun and humorous anime to watch to a guilty pleasure.