Mawaru Penguindrum 06 - Ringo's Life Story

How did he even guess that? It could also be "M for murder". D:

So, this episode was basically about watching Ringo's life story, with some random plot development of our new "mysterious" character that's been controlling things from the background. This was probably the slowest episode of the season so far; maybe it's because I don't care much for Ringo. At least it makes her stalker-like tendencies a bit more justifiable, even if it is a bit creepy.

That's what they all say...

Pretty much this entire episode was dedicated to the flashback and her background story. With an episode so focused like this, I can't help but think that she is about to die in the next episode. I know this probably won't happen, based on the tone of the anime, but that possibility still seems wide open. I mean, it would be an interesting turn of events. Anything can happen; it's anime original!

I'd be more interested in that Death Note.

So, she is following the diary that was left behind by her sister? Does that mean it documented what she planned to do in the future? Or is she just reliving the days that her sister went through? Her motive was that she wanted everyone to be happy (a good motive that people can relate to). I still dislike her, though, for being absolutely insane. No story revolving around fate could ever leave out Schrodinger's Cat. I felt like it wasn't properly used, though, and even exaggerated.

He should have known that something was up when the first girl couldn't recognize him. When one girl is hit in front of you, you are supposed to jump in and stop her from getting hit! He is a failure of a main character; can't even save his precious lead. He seems to always have been the useful one in the anime, but suddenly he seems quite useless. This didn't sit quite so well with me; hopefully, it was just a momentary hiccup from the new mystery character.

So, she has the black penguin, the same one as the one controlling the sister? Why does she have magic memory-erasing balls? How does she fit into everything? Why does she even care about project M? There are so many questions that don't tie together yet. I mean we still aren't sure what the penguindrum is, and what it even does. This anime, I believe, is a 2-cour, so there will be plenty of time to figure everything out instead of rushing it to explain everything.

Not enough awesome penguin action in this episode. 

Still, this is a very strong anime that I'm looking forward to. They are doing a great job of building things up, but they could have been a bit more subtle with our mystery character. I guess that is a small preference in style, and nothing too game-breaking. Hopefully, more will be revealed in the next episode and there will be less of Ringo; it'll be even greater if she bites the dust, as I semi-predict.