Mawaru Penguindrum 05 - The Storm

What does this have to do with borrowing money?

So, this episode was more of an info-dump than anything else. At least now we know a bit of the history, with the long flashback, and few more mysteries showed up. The path off the main track could signify that it would be an episode heavily-based off of a flashback, or the change in direction that they will be taking soon.

How? Just how?

I don't think he thought it through when the brother asked the doctor about the hat. No serious academic would ever take what he said seriously, even if a miracle occurred, unless they had witnessed it themselves. Even then, they would be super sceptical about it. He should have changed his wording a bit, if he wanted some kind of response. It could have been maybe along the lines that he thinks some micro-organism was on the hat, causing her to become sick. That would peak the doctor's curiosity enough to maybe examine it, which should have been his goal rather than to just tell him what he really thought.

Punishment for killing all those bugs...

So, Ringo has been exposed to the hat's powers too. Now, she said something interesting, that the diary was a "fate diary". Is that implying that it writes itself? I actually have never seen her write in it; she's only just read it and stamped it with an approval. It could explain how everything seems to be going wrong lately for her. All the activities are happening for the other girl and not her.

How did he not die, scraping across the floor like that; I thought this aimed to be at least semi-realistic. Then again, we have mind-controlling hats and such, so why would I think that as I watched this scene? There was just so much wrong here. Either way, it was nice how the lesson he learned from his father tied in perfectly with this episode. Hands down that money he got was dirty money...

I really wonder how this will go. I think Ringo will end up working with them, as the diary isn't the penguindrum and is just related. The question is how do the ex-girlfriends tie into all this? They just decided to throw that in, to screw with us. I think, by the end, that girl with the teacher will end up being the mastermind behind everything. Just my random 6th sense pointing in that direction. We will see.