Hanasaku Iroha 21 - Enishing Can Happen!

The deep look of hate...

Well, things are really picking up, with the marriage between the young master and that useless girl with tons of useless ideas. It was just another episode to set up the new arc, like we have seen before so many times. I really hate arc-based stories like this; I like things flowing more smoothly. These very obvious breaks in the story really stop you from wanting to continue on.

"Enishing" is anything in Engrish.

So, they decided to get married for reasons unknown. It could be because of love or some other jazz like that, but I don't buy it. I swear, the plot twist will be like, "OMG, SHE WAS ONLY IN IT FOR THE MONIEZ!" Ha-ha-ha, probably not. Anyway, this story just seems to serve as a prelude to the real problem: the love triangle of Minchi, Ohana and Tohru.


Nothing like emo-Minchi finally confronting Ohana about how her man was stolen away. Way to do nothing, act like a bitch and wonder why your crush doesn't like you. At least now the dense Ohana realizes it too, and can pursue Tohru with all her might, stealing everything from Minchi. Muahahahaha.

Realization that you were right for the worst possible thing...

It was a half-baked cliffhanger to end off the episode. The useless girl thought she would finally be able to steal all the money, but found out that she was wrong. With the way the inn has been lately, she probably plans to close it down before she dies, rather than see it fail and become deadweight for her son. Some twists and turns later, she will change her mind and they will probably get the inn by the end. There's no other reason why we would finally hear about how the inn was opened; it only took the entire season.

Yuina, you are the bestest!

This was all just a prelude to the real love triangle problem that will start to surface now. That's what I have been waiting for all season. I have no interest in how the wedding turns out, really; it's the drama in the background that is fuelling this anime along. It's too bad that the drama seems to suck, leaving me with nothing much to watch. There's just that one sliver of hope that things will turn out awesome for the dragged-on plot device from all season. It is a very small sliver, though...