Hanasaku Iroha 20 - Omurice

Already eating before everyone has food; that is why they are background characters.

This was an episode dedicated to Minko's love/hate for omelet rice. I still can't tell if she really likes it. D: I mean, she claims that it was a crucial moment to her child. Most the characters had their personalities exaggerated for their arc, but I see absolutely no difference in her bitchy attitude. I guess she was that terrible of a character to begin with.

That looked more fun than what was actually happening in the cafe. D:

So, this episode marked the beginning of their Princess Cafe. Minko still doesn't seem like much of a princess to me - or maybe being a bitch is part of being a princess, so it is okay. That's a pretty unoriginal idea. I mean, it seems like they have maid cafes in every anime during the culture festivals. Maybe it's just me, but those costumes aren't so great. The colours are decent; my problem is with their blatant oversized look.

So, we get to hear why Minko aspires to be a chef. - because the omelet rice that the chef guy, where they went to eat lunch every week, was SO AWESOME. This works better when coupled with some issues, like maybe with parents causing them to never see each other again 'cause they died of cancer/car accident. Maybe then we'd have a (super overused) strong reason! This still feels a bit flimsy as a reason to set your life goal, especially when you suck at it.

Not exactly as planned, but I KNEW IT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN! It would have been funny when he found it crappy. Either way, he apparently didn't like Minko's "typical" menu anyway. I can't wait until Ohana attempts to steal him from Minko and then drama ensues. I have waited all season for this and the it's the only real reason I am still watching. I know I will probably be disappointed, but I can still pray.

I seriously don't see how that painting = friends.

No, it really isn't a teen drama. I have watched those, and they actually make me want to watch more. I have yet to see massive love polygons or constantly dating/breaking up. She really hasn't watched many teen dramas lately. Well, another arc begins in the next episode; I hope it is the final arc with tons of heartbreak and tears!