Hanasaku Iroha 19 - Super Tsundere Minko

So, this episode was the start of the arc for the culture festival. It was a pretty standard boring episode all the way up until the end. Maybe if the episode started on a high note, I wouldn't be so bored watching this anime every week. For the sake of completeness, I must endure!

With the two of them announced the "princesses" of the classroom, I seriously don't think Minko deserves it. Ignoring the obvious fact of how high a pedestal the class puts them on (which is pretty damn exaggerated), I think they would only say that in front of Yuina, who accepts the title, and not Minko.

Ignoring the 15min in between that other scene and this one, it's not like anything else of note happened. It's funny how Minko rejected the girl for trying to show off to her crush, yet that was all Minko was doing. I applaud her for being able to tell the other girl off with a straight face, when she was doing the exact same thing. I am really praying that Ohana steals Tohru from her; that will teach her! She is a tsundere of the worst kind.

Exactly my face when asked about art...

Seriously, I am one of those non-artistic people that just doesn't get art. If I was asked that question, I wouldn't be able to answer, either; it is all just blotches of paint thrown together that is supposed to make me feel something, but all it looks like is someone's mess on paper being called art. By the way, I would've named that painting something like "Winding Road", because that is all I see.

What is wrong with her?

I guess we will get to see her cave about the omelette rice next episode. It will be funny when Tohru comes and orders that, and she makes it anyway. She will show the entire class what a bitch she is. This is probably going to lead into the big climax, as we are nearing the final stretch of the anime. It will probably go the "happy route", with everyone getting what they want, but I still hope Ohana steals Tohru. D: