Dota 2 Tournament -Day 2

Miranda, star of today's matches

I decided that if I spend 30-40 mins watching a match, might as well talk about it. So I didn't watch all the matches, the OK vs IG was suppose to be a huge upset and amazing match to watch, but I didn't catch it. Maybe I'll watch it if I have time. So for those needing link again, live stream (GMT+2, 10AM - 7 PM) with the older matches on their main site or on youtube.

Nevo vs MUFC
Wow what a stomp. Full lane control top by the weaver who stomped everyone that came into his lane. I still don't feel Anti-mage is that hard a carry mainly because you never see his direct copy, Magebane, in competitive play in HON. That Lion pickup up just countered Anti-mage too hard. The double disable and just watch him die since you are forced to buy an offensive items first as anti-mage. Always good to see weaver, my favourite hero, dominating.

MiTH-Trust vs GGnet
What the hell was I watching? Debut match for morphling so I was quite excited to see him in action by a pro. It was just a slaughter from start to finish, how did GGnet even get in? It was a game of watching GGnet lose 4 v 5 team fights while Morph riced all game and could solo their team. Very disappointing match.

Na'Vi vs M5
Missed this game, only caught first 5 minutes where a tower dropped 2 mins in with tower diving. Probably watch this once replay is up, really wonder how they lost that badly with such a strong early 5 mins. First debut match for Enchantress and Viper, really want to see how this went. vs Mineski.Infinity
A 40 min ricing game with a huge upset. Ok deserved to lose, they had an advantage all game, with 1 heavy carry and a 2nd backup carry. All Mski had was a semi-carry Miranda. To watch Miranda hard carry right through was awesome when the other team had a 14k lead in gold. How they lost with such a large lead was purely initiation. They sat back and riced while the other team jumped in for team fights. They needed to be the one initiating with Enigma in their lineup. Very big win for Mski, they deserved it with a comeback like that.

MYM vs Scythe
Another ricingfest, holy crap. These matches all play so defensively, HON competitive matches are much more interesting to watch. This one I was pretty sure MYM had this game after the first 10 mins. Individual skill wise, MYM was better but Scythe ran much better as a team, dominating the team fights with superior initiation. No matter how good your individual skills are, it is still a team game and Scythe won because of that.

That marks the end of the 2nd day for the tournament. See if I have time to cover most the matches tomorrow. Dota seems to favour these hard carries farming all game compared to HON's metagame revolving pushing early and ending it before the carries get beefy.