days past our megaten lives ~v2.0 - Opinions Wanted

Welcome to our new navbar! Hopefully, things look a bit spiffier. We have a slight dispute over the way the layout is done, though.

The highlighted part is the carousel with our archives and links, which is the issue. I argue that it should be part of the main carousel, to make the front page look "cleaner", since it is no more important than the rest of the buttons. Rho argues that it should be segregated because it is a different sorting method, and that it doesn't stand out, instead blending in. I think it stands out a little too much.

I believe separating it like that makes it look more important than the rest of the buttons, while Rho believes it does the exact opposite.

You can also leave thoughts about it in the comments.

So, what do you think? (By the way, the correct answer is that I'm right.)