Steins;Gate 14 - World Line Convergence

This won major points with me.

This episode was absolutely awesome. It had me on the edge of my seat the entire episode. I was wondering when Ookarin would just outright approach Moeka. I guess the main thing was that I saw many of the things I predicted actually happen this episode. I always love it when I'm right; it's so much better than being wrong. XD

I was pretty sure that they would pull a skip-through of her dying multiple times. At this point, I want to play the VN to see all the extra things that were skipped. From what I heard, there is a group translating, but it won't be done until maybe December. That'll be much after the hype of the show is over, and I probably won't care. It's too bad that it wasn't already translated; I would have loved to play this game as the anime was airing.

I called this so bad. It was obviously the catalyst as to why they had to move in on them knowing about the time machine. I guess this scene was exactly as I thought it would be. He would ask her and then get taken out. I just thought that he would actually be captured, not being able to escape again. The final question about her is who is FB? Obviously, it will be some crazy revelation that stands for something mind blowing - or, at least, I hope so...

I called this so long ago and it was even already confirmed by myself. I guess at this point I wasn't too OMG, 'cause it was so obvious. Either way, enlisting her help was also one of the things that I said they should do and bam, they did it. It did reveal that Ookarin was the mastermind, even in the future, which was interesting. Why was Kurisu on the other spectrum and working with SERN? Wouldn't such a huge change of them working together already change the world lines significantly?

This must suck...

I guess the satellite being the time machine was no surprise, since it disappeared in the one world line where the part-timer didn't go to the party. I guess the question is what plan will the part-timer use to try and save Mayuri from dying? I dislike these "fated"-style time theories, but at least they do split further in the sense of a totally different line. At least they finally have an end goal for the anime, but the question is why? Technically, every time line would want to converge to this one line, so do all the personalities take over one line or do the others just fail?

I guess the one thing huge factor of why I love this anime is that after every episode, I have questions about what happened, and then the next episode answers them all and raises new ones to ponder about. It is like they read my blog to make sure all my questions are answered so that I am satisfied! Yes, the world revolves around me. :3