Hanasaku Iroha 14 - Yuina's Story

I guess my like for Yuina really helped me with this episode. She was one of the characters that I did wonder about, and we finally got her story. Even with the story focused on the best character in this anime, I still had trouble getting through this entire episode. I think I've just lost interest in this anime in general.

I guess I'll start with the highlight of episode: the revelation that she had a fiance. So, basically what they pitched was that the two big inn owners are engaged to create a monopoly over the inns in the area. I'm not too that sure things like this still happen, though; these seem like pretty old school traditions. Seeing as how they mentioned that they were childhood friends does help a bit rather than being engaged purely to conquer.

From the moment she was introduced, I was pretty certain that she did not actually want to inherit the inn. I think it was the scene of watching her sit in the message chair when I first realized it, but she seemed like the very sheltered and spoiled child kind. She just wants to live off of the hotel money and go out partying all night. I mentioned before that they should make a show about her; lo and behold, there is something exactly  the same. *cough cough* Paris Hilton *cough cough*

I can't say that this wasn't obvious, too. The second the waitress glared and had the "I don't care" attitude, I knew something was wrong. When the guy mentioned his business model, it was obvious what exactly would happen. This is what happens when people with no real knowledge of how to run a business are put in charge: train wrecks. He could only see the simple picture of cutting costs to improve profit, not factoring in that labour is more than just a number. Top efficiency for labour is never the best way to go. Either way, I don't like him already for pretending he knows anything about management or running a business. I am so happy Yuina rejected him and is going to probably run off  to the big city.

What is a hotspring anime without fanservice? No anime at all!

This was decently entertaining because of the central focus of this episode. The problem still exists with the obvious arcs of the anime. It is always better to bridge the arcs by starting the setting of the arc somewhere within the old arc before so that watchers have at least some reason to keep tuning in. On a final note about this episode, there was surprisingly little screentime of the bathing suits that seem to be a huge focus in any beach episode.