Fuck You Google

New Address for our page is: www.clanrain.com, update your bookmarks!!

Direct URL doesn't even show up...

So, yesterday (June 30), Google decided to deindex every single .co.cc domain. I realized when I noticed a huge spike off on the page views and decided to look around. The .co.cc URL still shows up on Bing and Yahoo, but no pages from the domain .co.cc on Google. They claim that it was because sites from that domain were too "spammy", but it was probably some deal that fell through with them. Sigh, you win, Google. In the process of registering a .com domain, I wanted .net, but Rho and Aaro didn't agree with me in thinking that it was more kool.

Here is link to a semi-discussion about it.

Aaro Note~ : Update links! The new URL is www.clanrain.com and www.clan-rain.co.cc no longer works~

We're still in process of updating all the links. I got all of the major links off-site, but links within posts to other posts is a very tedious task to replace.

Yet again, I hate you, Google.